Scholastic Order Forms

Hi, just an update about the Scholastic book order forms.  I only had one student return the order form thus far and so if anyone is still interested in placing an order through me, I am going to send everything out by this weekend.

Of course you are more than welcome to complete the process at home but if you wanted to submit it in school just let me know and I will wait so that we can place the order all at once.

Any questions or if you need another form just let me know, thanks!


Homework 9/30

Math-  workbook pages 52-54, long division, we will go over this concept again tomorrow as we had MAP Testing during math time

Writing- Common Core Workbook, pages 135-147, Narrative Writing, the section goes through step by step how to write a narrative with examples and graphic organizers that should be used to help you breakdown your thoughts.  The narrative topic is on pg. 140 at the bottom (write about a skill you are good it)…

“Write about a skill or trick that you learned, and tell how you learned it.  Describe the problems you encountered when learning it, and tell how you finally were successful.

Reading- continue 35 minutes and fill out you reading log.  READING LOGS WILL BE CHECKED EVERY FRIDAY from now on.

Social Studies- make sure your 10+ trivia questions AND answers are completed for Friday.  You can use Chapter 1, Lessons 1-3 for your information.  Remember, the better the questions and answers the easier the Test will be!

5S Test will be on Tuesday, Day 1

5L Test will be on Thursday, Day 3

Homework 9/29

Social Studies- students are to write at least 10+ Trivia questions AND answers using the information from Chapter 1, Lessons 1-3

These questions will be used on our Trivia Review game; if you do these questions well than you are basically studying!  The student that wins the game will receive approximately 25-50 points on their Test (yet to be decided), second will receive 10 points and third place 5 points.  Each person that answers a question correctly will receive 1-2 points depending on how things go.

The Jeopardy Review Game will be this week with the Test to follow possibly on Monday (or whenever the next session is).

Math- workbook pages 49-51 (long division), please show your work!

Writing- continue working on the final draft of your narrative at home.  Mr. S made a mistake in that some people left their drafts in their writing folders in school.  If that is the case you will not be penalized, however, if you have the work at home please finish it.  These drafts will be read in class tomorrow and shared with other students across the hall.  Please continue to incorporate all of the concepts and strategies we covered this past week.

Workbook pages will be assigned one or two nights a week from now on starting this week.

Reading- continue Reading and filling out your log, complete any recommendations for new books that you have read.

Homework 9/28 (first update, might add more later but this is fairly complete)

PERMISSION SLIPS FOR OUR FIRST FIELD TRIP were handed out today. Please return asap. Thanks!

Also, please read and consider donating for the “sock drive.” This has been a successful campaign started by a young girl in the community whose letter is printed on the back. Thanks!

Math– workbook pages 46-48, up to section 2.5 (see at the bottom)

Math Chapter 2 Test will be sometime at the end of this week or early next week depending on pacing.

Social Studies– complete pages 8-9 using your textbook as reference. This activity will help you study for the Chapter 1 Test which will be either on Day 5 or Day 1 next week.

Reading– continue reading, filling out logs, future take-home worksheets will be distributed periodically from now on. Think of some more interview questions for your partner tomorrow!

Writing– complete the double-sided worksheet on Commas. Mr. S has noticed that much of the class is having trouble with comma placement and so this should be good practice. Final revisions for personal narratives will continue this week and likely conclude next week.

(this part in bold was not on the board but if you have time please work on it…if not we can finish it in class tomorrow)

HOMEWORK- pg. 114, Chapter 11, Writing and Rewriting Leads and Endings

Some of you have written endings you are extremely proud of today.  Some are still struggling for “perfection.’  This is something all authors struggle with. 

Tonight, continue to explore a few different ways your ending might go, even if you feel you’ve already found the “right” one.  You might reassess your lead and whether it sets readers up to understand what is going to be ost important to the story.  Does it grab your reader’s attention and begin right at the start of the action? 

Current Events Schedule

Figured this would be easier…remember, I just need to know where you found your information as well as write a short one paragraph summary regarding the key events of the story.  Inform the viewer!  What did you find so interesting about your article that you made you want to share it with the class?  Most importantly, read more than one story because in today’s world amazing things are happening all of the time!

Schedule for both classes attached below.


Notice to Parents & Students, 9/25

Hi, this announcement is for all parents.  

Tonight I have been grading the Homework from the last two days and as we currently stand we have potentially 12 students not going to Fun Day  6 next Friday.

I have more to put into the gradebook but specifically I am talking about 3 assignments.

One more thing, I am instituting a submission basket for all assignments except HW that is done in the workbook, i.e. Social Studies, Math, and Writing notebooks (only remove essays when instructed).  As explained today, students are to place their assignments in the basket if they want to receive credit for their hard work.  You have until Mr. S takes the basket home either daily or every other to get credit for the homework with anything late being reduced to 50 or below.  Mr. S will continue making announcements regarding this procedure but after today it’s clear we still need a lot of work.

Writing– What I Treasure Most Activity.  Many of these were very well done but far too many students submitted their assignment into the basket without putting their names on it.  Why would you spend the time to build a beautiful display and write a very thoughtful narration and not get credit for it?

Please just give your child a reminder when they do their Homework to make sure that their name is written somewhere at the top.

Math– yesterday’s multiplication by 10, 100, 1000 worksheet that was posted online.  I will accept submissions of the assignment on Monday as I know there was some confusion regarding how to access the document, etc., but no later than that.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all parents and children who attended Math Night this evening…and to those who could not make it trust in that we were all thinking about you as our community is caring and strong.  This was my first year and I was truly blown away by the whole school community and the flow of love and energy that flowed from the gym out into the dunk tank.

In summation, the reason for the post is because I want to address this problem immediately rather than give second and third chances.  Everyone knows the school rules: if you miss just 1 assignment you are out of No Fun Day 6.  It is now the end of September and Mr. S will no longer accept HW that is a day late and allow you extra recess.

Thank you always for your help and support and have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. – as I mentioned above, there are more assignments that I need to get to and so those will be updated asap.

Homework 9/25

Reading– push for 35 minutes, fill-out Reading Log.  If you are reading books quickly than you should try stepping up a level or two!  Learning only takes place when you challenge yourself.

Writing– continue with your narrative from today or a previous effort.  You should be incorporating a flashback or flash-forward into your work.  Remember, shifting the setting or changing the time and place is exciting for the reader!  Your narrative should be a couple of pages by now.  It of course is not perfect, editing and revising for the final draft will happen soon, but for now please continue getting your thoughts out on the page.  See Mr. Santeramo’s narrative as an example of what you can accomplish is one page!

Mr. Santeramo’s Personal Narrative

Social Studies– finish pg. 37, #s 1-6 and workbook pg. 6

5L CURRENT EVENTS- Samara (US News), Jaylen (International), Isaiah (Sports or Science), Jelani (Business), and Erica (Local)

Short summary about the article is all that is required.  I will not accept something you remember off the top of your head!

Math– pg. 79, #s 25-30

pg. 81, #s 1-12 and 13-14

Workbook pgs. 43-45

Look for the patterns!  You should be counting the zeroes and moving the decimal, NOT long division.  Remember, when you multiply the decimal moves right and when you divide it moves left!

5L Social Studies

5L Current Events begins 9/30

Hi, for Social Studies on Wednesday, Day 3, we are going to begin our Current Events “news” broadcast.  Each child has currently been placed in a specific group chosen by Mr. S with 5 (one with 6) of their classmates.  These groups might change later in the year but right now I want everyone to get used to the routine and what I expect to see.  The students already know which group they are in and so the categories are as follows

Day 3, Group 1
United States News
International News
Arti, Science, or Entertainment

Directions: each child will be responsible for bringing in one interesting news article that falls within their assigned topic, something they enjoyed reading and/or that they believe the class will find enjoyable or even helpful.  I will only accept the actual article or summary as proof of completion, not something that you remembered hearing at some point.

Each “journalist” will write and read a short summary of their article rather than read the whole thing.  Summarize the main idea and key details that seem most alarming or, to use a Reading term, “most buzz-worthy” and meaningful/interesting.  Comments should cover about 1-2 minutes of time leaving a few minutes for discussion afterwards so this should not be too daunting for anyone so long as they prepared.  I think it’s a great exercise for some of the kids who are a bit soft-spoken as I hope the activity can help them to build confidence and to find their voice.

Recap: each week one group of students will each research one article at home that fits under their assigned topic.  Subjects will rotate after each group presents (so likely once a month).

Kids will read a short 1-2 minute summary of their articles rather than reading the whole thing.  Be sure to include the main idea as well as plenty of key points so that your presentation/speaking has meaning that your audience (classmates) will understand.  What is the article all about?  Why is it so important that a newspaper or major website wrote about it?  Does it impact your life or anyone that you know?  This line of questioning is similar to what we do in Reading and Writing as it is meant to expound upon the basic surface information and to get our children to develop and comprehend both sides of literature with a deeper meaning.

Please, if you have any questions just email me at

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Homework 9/24

Math- complete the attached worksheet using the link below to print…this is the same concept we have been working on the past two days.  Much of this can be done in your head; look for the patterns and be sure to count your zeroes!

Math HW Worksheet, Multiply by 10, 100, 1000

MATH NIGHT TOMORROW @ 5:30!!  Mr. S has a small but fun surprise for the class which will make it easier to identify our “team 212.”  I look forward to seeing everyone there and make sure you win tickets so you can take some throws at me in the dunk tank!

Social Studies- complete pg. 36 in the textbook, Chapter 1, Lesson 3 Review Questions 1-6, please write in complete sentences!

WORKBOOK pg. 5, use your book!  The answers are all in Chapter 1, Lesson 3, so be sure to reread to discover the answers!  Completing these kinds of activities are the best way to study!

The Chapter 1 Test will be next week, our Review trivia game will take place the class before.  Notes will be distributed that day so everyone will know what to study.

Writing– personal narrative about testing.  Write a solid page, 4-5 paragraphs about your feelings towards the MAP Test or just testing in general.  How does it make you feel?  Nervous?  Excited?  Bored?  Do you consider these assessments like a personal challenge or do you find them hard to take seriously?  Do you take your time or fly through to the end?  Do you have any ideas for alternative ways to make sure learning is taking place?  What kinds of tests are your “favorite,” multiple choice, short answer, fill-in, matching, etc.  You are certainly not limited to the suggestions above, these are just some ideas for you to think about.

Have fun with this, this is your time to “vent” and put your thoughts and feelings down on paper.  I truly want to know how you feel!  Remember to include as many of the personal narrative strategies that we have learned in your essay.

Reading- try reading your book for at least 35 minutes tonight, if you finish it please use a notecard to write up a book recommendation for our wall.  Be sure to fill out your Reading Logs as they will be checked tomorrow!