Writing Homework for the Weekend

Hi, today we talked about a Picture Prompt in school.  I will send everyone an email with the pictures as an attachment.  If you did not receive one please contact me so I can send it your way; I am using the list from Back to School night so there are indeed a few names that are missing and in some cases email addresses given that are incorrect.  Please let me know a more accurate address and I’ll be sure to send everything your way.

Students were asked to compose a story using one of the prompts.  The idea is to think about what happened before, during, and after the picture was taken.  Be creative!

  • 5 paragraphs (4-5 sentences per paragraph)
  • add a title
  • include creative and descriptive language!  Your story will be more interesting and entertaining if you elaborate!
  • if you would like you can also draw a picture that represents your story but it is not mandatory

This assignment is meant to be fun and for me to get a baseline of how well the kids write since all I have from last year is data and not actual writing samples.  Please be sure to get this in on Tuesday as late homework will result in a loss of Fun Day 6.

Any questions please ask, thanks!


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