Homework, September 9/8/2015

Writing– continue completing TWO First Time/Last Time prompts, students created a list of 10+ ideas that they would like to write about, they chose one idea to begin writing in class and will select one prompt to complete at home.  Prompts should be about 1 page each (or more) and should be kept in the writing notebooks.

  1. the first prompt should have been started in class (finish at home)
  2. complete a second prompt at home

Reading- 30 minutes reading your newly chosen book

  1. use Post-It notes to mark interesting passages that you would like to share (a few sentences here and there, not a whole page)
  2. keep track of what time you started, finished, how long you read, and how many pages you read

Math– Chapter 1, Lesson 1, Whole Numbers, workbook pages 1-3

Social Studies- complete the Chapter 1, Lesson 1 vocabulary that should have been started in class

  1. tomorrow in class we will write some notes from each section and complete the textbook questions and workbook page

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