Homework 9/11


Hi, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, cleaning up, writing the homework down, and packing up to leave for dismissal have been painfully slow.  It would be very helpful if you could just speak to your child sometime this weekend just to remind them to try and move a little faster so they are ready for 3:30.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

Writing: ***First writing assessment Monday.  Students will be given a prompt and must write a true personal narrative based off it.***

Personal narratives, compose 1-2 true stories from your life experience using the prompt “I remember when….”  Remember specific moments such as “I remember standing at the base of the lake, up to my ankles in freezing water,” or, “the catcher gave me the sign and I entered my wind-up before throwing a curve in the dirt for strike 3.”

Write 1-2 good stories using the strategies listed below.

Techniques for Raising the Level of Narrative Writing

  1. Dream the dream of the story and then write in a way that allows readers to experience the moment along with you.
  2. Revise using all you know about storytelling, not summarizing
  3. Use all you know about grammar, spelling, and punctuation to edit as you write.
  4. Tell the story from inside it.  Visualize the world and write it for the reader.
  5. Use details that are true to the event and that ring true.  A personal narrative should be based on real events from you life experience.

Reading– try reading at least 35 minutes per day, continue filling out your Reading Logs as well as count how many pages you are reading each day. There should be 12 entries per week unless something comes up during school.  Continue working towards you reading goals.

Math- textbook pages 23-25, all problems (I wrote 24 in school but I think for the weekend the extra practice will help)

Social Studies- textbook pages 22-27, Early Modern Humans, Lesson 2, answer section Review questions on page 27, #s 1-,3,4, and 5


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