Update 9/15

Hi…sorry about the lack of an update yesterday as I had a small medical issue that I had to have taken care of.  For Writing, student’s were to use their Narrative Checklist handout to score, edit, and revise a previous work of theirs.  In class we had practiced reading and revising a partner’s story so that for HW we had a better idea of how to use the checklist upon ourselves via self-reflection.

Math- today was supposed to be a review day and unfortunately I’m not sure what the class did when I was out.  We may still have it tomorrow if I decide to double-up with two periods of Math since I feel that the kids are more than ready.

  1. Math Family Fun Night!– September 25th, 6pm, I’m not too sure about all the details as this will be my first Math Night event but from what I’ve heard from both teachers and students it sounds like a wonderful time.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Reading- continue filling out checklist as well as using our new reading strategies for a minimum of 35 minutes each night


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