UPDATE!! — Family Math Night!!

Hi!  Just another update about one of our biggest events of the year, Family Math Night!  As one of the most anticipated activities, the crowds have grown immensely and thankfully this year we are fortunate to be expecting around 250-300 people!  Next Friday will truly be a special time to share as a family and among friends so hopefully you can make it!

This event is encouraged for both parents and students to spend some time together working on Math puzzles and other games…and there will even be a dunk tank with Mr. S and other teachers taking turns at a swim!

My class will be wearing glowsticks so that we stand out as a team.  (Shh, I haven’t told them yet so hopefully it will be a surprise!)  I was also wondering if maybe we could get the majority of students to wear similar colored shirts but I also wouldn’t want that to be a burden on anyone.  I can ask the class Monday to see by a show of hands which color shirts are shared by the majority of students.

If you have any questions please let me know early so I can try and answer/accomodate your requests.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

Time: 5:30  …(this is a correction from a previous post)

For: parents and their children


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