Homework 9/22

Writing– I gave back today a previous narrative writing assessment that we did in class.  I read over all of them and provided comments and feedback for improvement.  These were not graded, rather, I wanted to give the kids more direction as to where their narratives should be going.  E-L-A-B-O-R-A-T-E

Continue working on a revised copy of your narrative by including the suggestions and more.  Consider adding flashbacks and flash-forwards (will talk about further tomorrow).  “Paint the picture,” give the details so that the person reading can visualize the story and event.  Try adding dialogue if you did not already.  You may write a new beginning, middle, end, or the whole piece.

Additional task for home (optional)

Make a Museum in Your Own Home

Writers, tonight I’m going to ask you to set up a museum in your own home–like the one we set up in school.  Will you select a few mentor texts and hang those texts up in a few places in your house, and then move from one station to another, studying what the authors have done and then borrowing a strategy you admire, using it in part of your draft?

You don’t really need to hang the pieces as if they were in a museum–though it might be fun–but study and write off from one piece for ten minutes, then another piece for ten minutes.  I’ve given you copies of a few texts, including the pieces you studied today from your classmates.  But really, you can take any narrative that you love and put it in your museum as well.

Math- workbook pages 36-40

Reading- read 30 minutes, fill out Reading Log, if you finish a book please write a recommendation on a note card

Social Studies- assignment tomorrow, Test next week


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