5L Social Studies

5L Current Events begins 9/30

Hi, for Social Studies on Wednesday, Day 3, we are going to begin our Current Events “news” broadcast.  Each child has currently been placed in a specific group chosen by Mr. S with 5 (one with 6) of their classmates.  These groups might change later in the year but right now I want everyone to get used to the routine and what I expect to see.  The students already know which group they are in and so the categories are as follows

Day 3, Group 1
United States News
International News
Arti, Science, or Entertainment

Directions: each child will be responsible for bringing in one interesting news article that falls within their assigned topic, something they enjoyed reading and/or that they believe the class will find enjoyable or even helpful.  I will only accept the actual article or summary as proof of completion, not something that you remembered hearing at some point.

Each “journalist” will write and read a short summary of their article rather than read the whole thing.  Summarize the main idea and key details that seem most alarming or, to use a Reading term, “most buzz-worthy” and meaningful/interesting.  Comments should cover about 1-2 minutes of time leaving a few minutes for discussion afterwards so this should not be too daunting for anyone so long as they prepared.  I think it’s a great exercise for some of the kids who are a bit soft-spoken as I hope the activity can help them to build confidence and to find their voice.

Recap: each week one group of students will each research one article at home that fits under their assigned topic.  Subjects will rotate after each group presents (so likely once a month).

Kids will read a short 1-2 minute summary of their articles rather than reading the whole thing.  Be sure to include the main idea as well as plenty of key points so that your presentation/speaking has meaning that your audience (classmates) will understand.  What is the article all about?  Why is it so important that a newspaper or major website wrote about it?  Does it impact your life or anyone that you know?  This line of questioning is similar to what we do in Reading and Writing as it is meant to expound upon the basic surface information and to get our children to develop and comprehend both sides of literature with a deeper meaning.

Please, if you have any questions just email me at msanteramo@pacsnewark.org

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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