Homework 9/25

Reading– push for 35 minutes, fill-out Reading Log.  If you are reading books quickly than you should try stepping up a level or two!  Learning only takes place when you challenge yourself.

Writing– continue with your narrative from today or a previous effort.  You should be incorporating a flashback or flash-forward into your work.  Remember, shifting the setting or changing the time and place is exciting for the reader!  Your narrative should be a couple of pages by now.  It of course is not perfect, editing and revising for the final draft will happen soon, but for now please continue getting your thoughts out on the page.  See Mr. Santeramo’s narrative as an example of what you can accomplish is one page!

Mr. Santeramo’s Personal Narrative

Social Studies– finish pg. 37, #s 1-6 and workbook pg. 6

5L CURRENT EVENTS- Samara (US News), Jaylen (International), Isaiah (Sports or Science), Jelani (Business), and Erica (Local)

Short summary about the article is all that is required.  I will not accept something you remember off the top of your head!

Math– pg. 79, #s 25-30

pg. 81, #s 1-12 and 13-14

Workbook pgs. 43-45

Look for the patterns!  You should be counting the zeroes and moving the decimal, NOT long division.  Remember, when you multiply the decimal moves right and when you divide it moves left!

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