Notice to Parents & Students, 9/25

Hi, this announcement is for all parents.  

Tonight I have been grading the Homework from the last two days and as we currently stand we have potentially 12 students not going to Fun Day  6 next Friday.

I have more to put into the gradebook but specifically I am talking about 3 assignments.

One more thing, I am instituting a submission basket for all assignments except HW that is done in the workbook, i.e. Social Studies, Math, and Writing notebooks (only remove essays when instructed).  As explained today, students are to place their assignments in the basket if they want to receive credit for their hard work.  You have until Mr. S takes the basket home either daily or every other to get credit for the homework with anything late being reduced to 50 or below.  Mr. S will continue making announcements regarding this procedure but after today it’s clear we still need a lot of work.

Writing– What I Treasure Most Activity.  Many of these were very well done but far too many students submitted their assignment into the basket without putting their names on it.  Why would you spend the time to build a beautiful display and write a very thoughtful narration and not get credit for it?

Please just give your child a reminder when they do their Homework to make sure that their name is written somewhere at the top.

Math– yesterday’s multiplication by 10, 100, 1000 worksheet that was posted online.  I will accept submissions of the assignment on Monday as I know there was some confusion regarding how to access the document, etc., but no later than that.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all parents and children who attended Math Night this evening…and to those who could not make it trust in that we were all thinking about you as our community is caring and strong.  This was my first year and I was truly blown away by the whole school community and the flow of love and energy that flowed from the gym out into the dunk tank.

In summation, the reason for the post is because I want to address this problem immediately rather than give second and third chances.  Everyone knows the school rules: if you miss just 1 assignment you are out of No Fun Day 6.  It is now the end of September and Mr. S will no longer accept HW that is a day late and allow you extra recess.

Thank you always for your help and support and have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. – as I mentioned above, there are more assignments that I need to get to and so those will be updated asap.


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