Homework 9/28 (first update, might add more later but this is fairly complete)

PERMISSION SLIPS FOR OUR FIRST FIELD TRIP were handed out today. Please return asap. Thanks!

Also, please read and consider donating for the “sock drive.” This has been a successful campaign started by a young girl in the community whose letter is printed on the back. Thanks!

Math– workbook pages 46-48, up to section 2.5 (see at the bottom)

Math Chapter 2 Test will be sometime at the end of this week or early next week depending on pacing.

Social Studies– complete pages 8-9 using your textbook as reference. This activity will help you study for the Chapter 1 Test which will be either on Day 5 or Day 1 next week.

Reading– continue reading, filling out logs, future take-home worksheets will be distributed periodically from now on. Think of some more interview questions for your partner tomorrow!

Writing– complete the double-sided worksheet on Commas. Mr. S has noticed that much of the class is having trouble with comma placement and so this should be good practice. Final revisions for personal narratives will continue this week and likely conclude next week.

(this part in bold was not on the board but if you have time please work on it…if not we can finish it in class tomorrow)

HOMEWORK- pg. 114, Chapter 11, Writing and Rewriting Leads and Endings

Some of you have written endings you are extremely proud of today.  Some are still struggling for “perfection.’  This is something all authors struggle with. 

Tonight, continue to explore a few different ways your ending might go, even if you feel you’ve already found the “right” one.  You might reassess your lead and whether it sets readers up to understand what is going to be ost important to the story.  Does it grab your reader’s attention and begin right at the start of the action? 


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