Homework 9/29

Social Studies- students are to write at least 10+ Trivia questions AND answers using the information from Chapter 1, Lessons 1-3

These questions will be used on our Trivia Review game; if you do these questions well than you are basically studying!  The student that wins the game will receive approximately 25-50 points on their Test (yet to be decided), second will receive 10 points and third place 5 points.  Each person that answers a question correctly will receive 1-2 points depending on how things go.

The Jeopardy Review Game will be this week with the Test to follow possibly on Monday (or whenever the next session is).

Math- workbook pages 49-51 (long division), please show your work!

Writing- continue working on the final draft of your narrative at home.  Mr. S made a mistake in that some people left their drafts in their writing folders in school.  If that is the case you will not be penalized, however, if you have the work at home please finish it.  These drafts will be read in class tomorrow and shared with other students across the hall.  Please continue to incorporate all of the concepts and strategies we covered this past week.

Workbook pages will be assigned one or two nights a week from now on starting this week.

Reading- continue Reading and filling out your log, complete any recommendations for new books that you have read.


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