Homework 9/30

Math-  workbook pages 52-54, long division, we will go over this concept again tomorrow as we had MAP Testing during math time

Writing- Common Core Workbook, pages 135-147, Narrative Writing, the section goes through step by step how to write a narrative with examples and graphic organizers that should be used to help you breakdown your thoughts.  The narrative topic is on pg. 140 at the bottom (write about a skill you are good it)…

“Write about a skill or trick that you learned, and tell how you learned it.  Describe the problems you encountered when learning it, and tell how you finally were successful.

Reading- continue 35 minutes and fill out you reading log.  READING LOGS WILL BE CHECKED EVERY FRIDAY from now on.

Social Studies- make sure your 10+ trivia questions AND answers are completed for Friday.  You can use Chapter 1, Lessons 1-3 for your information.  Remember, the better the questions and answers the easier the Test will be!

5S Test will be on Tuesday, Day 1

5L Test will be on Thursday, Day 3


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