Homework 10/30

Math– 5A Workbook pages 139-142

Writing– complete the final draft of your informational paper.  Use all the resources and strategies that we have gone over in class to help guide your work.  Ask yourself about the deeper meaning, include geographical locations and dates to help the reader visualize the setting and time period you are talking about.  Create a cover page and table of contents to make the work look professional.  You may also number the pages and add pictures between the paragraphs.  If possible, please list at least one book or website that you used to help you research your topic.

Reading- 35 minutes reading, fill out log

Social Studies- see previous post about the dates for Current Events

Keep working on the project which will be due on Friday.  Please use the instructions as a guide to help you complete the work.  Take your time on the picture/model of your community as I would love to put them on display!


Social Studies Make Your Own Community Project (Notes)

Hi, attached to this post is a set of notes that might be useful when working creatively on this assignment.  I am going to provide further details tomorrow in class along with handing out this information so students should have more than enough background knowledge necessary to tackle this “fun” assessment in the proper way.

Any other questions just let me know, thanks!

DOWNLOAD: Chapter 2 Notes

Homework 10/29

Math- multiplying fractions and mixed numbers review worksheet, double-sided

Reading- continue reading 35 minutes tonight, Reading Logs will be checked tomorrow.  If you finish a book please fill out a recommendation as well as put a leaf on a branch of our classroom tree.

Social Studies- make sure that workbook pages 20-21 are completed for tomorrow

Current Events for 5L will begin fresh tomorrow, see assignments posted previously on Tuesday and Wednesday

Make Your Own Community Project will be due next friday, this is meant to be a fun exercise instead of a thorough written assessment.  This is not intended to be overwhelming and thus ample time has and will continue to be given in class and at home to get it completed well.

Writing– FINAL drafts due on TUESDAY, November 2nd.  Please staple your rough draft to your final draft so that we can assess growth over time

subtopics should be almost even in length; if one seems too short than maybe remove it in favor of something else.

Try adding quotes, maps, charts, and other geographical locations such as mountains, rivers, plains, deserts, etc. in order to give the reader reference and a more clear visual to picture in their minds.

Information needs to be accurate as well as teach the reader.

Please do not plagiarize!  If you want to add a direct quote or a few sentences that the author said best, please make sure that you use quotes.

Cover page, table of contents, etc.  See last night’s post about the Research Paper for more information.

Any other questions feel free to ask, thanks!

Homework 10/28

Math- Common Core Math workbook pages 118-119, Multiplying Fractions (I put 112 on the board by accident– those are the notes pages for the section)

Math worksheet on the same concept (Just multiply the numerator and denominator straight across)

Reading-  35 minutes reading, fill out logs and recommendations, keep making predictions when you read, empathize with your characters (walk a mile in their shoes)

Writing– continue w/ your rough drafts, make an effort at including timelines, maps, charts, geographic locations, and other supplementary information into your writing.  Think about what your cover page will look like, your table of contents, and whether or not you want to include visuals sprinkled throughout the pages in order to bring the text alive.

HOMEWORK, pg. 60- Continue to follow up on the hunches you have developed over the last few days.  It may be that one of these hunches evolves into your next research project—the next piece of writing you will take on for this unit!

Think of yourselves as detectives, solving a history mystery.  You are gathering clues all the time as you use your maps and your timelines to think and revise.  So, continue to research so as to follow up on these hunches you have and get one step closer to solving the little mysteries you’ve created for yourselves.  Just as a detective makes use of the resources available to him or her (usually crime scenes or witnesses), you need to do the same.  Use the resources available to you—either books from our classroom library (or home), websites on our research page, or new online searches to continue your research at home.


Penguin Informative Essay Sample WEBSITE

5S and 5L Social Studies- complete workbook pages 20-21

VOCABULARY QUIZ CHAPTER 2, words from Lessons 1-3

MAKE YOUR OWN COMMUNITY PROJECT- due next Friday (handout distributed today after discussing it the past couple of days)


Deborah- International

Peter- Sports

Jazmine- Business/Entertainment

Carl- Local

Keysean- United States


Samara- International

Jaylen- Sports

Isaiah- Business/Entertainment

Jelani- Local

Erica- United States


The FINAL DRAFT of this first research paper about a related topic to Western Expansion will be due on November 2nd so that they can be read & assessed as one last final marking period grade for Writing.

This information will be covered in class tomorrow but what I am looking for is as follows.  The goal is to present this essay in the form of a book w/ chapters, etc.

Title Page– title of the book, name of the author, and any other creative illustrations you wish to add to make your paper *POP*.  As has been said in class many times, if you judge a book by its cover than you are missing out on potentially amazing stories.  We want our readers eyes to light up when they see “our books” for the first time.  It’s possible we will even present them to the 3rd or 4th grade classes so please do your best work!  Use the in-class library to get ideas based off how other author’s and editor’s set up their novels.

Table of Contents– lists the chapters  and pages numbers where you will find information about your subtopics.

Illustrations, maps, timelines, other images, ANY form of media that relates to the writing should be included and placed on the cover page, between paragraphs, or in other appropriate spots that you prefer.  

In-Text CITATIONS– we haven’t taught this concept yet so right now we will go with the basics.  Please just list ONE BOOK and ONE WEBSITE that you used.  If you used more than you can go ahead and list them all but it is not required.

Also, PARENTS, if you are proofreading your child’s work, please read it with a close eye as I have caught more than a few students literally copying information section by section off websites and passing it off as their own work without any citation.  They know exactly what plagiarism is and what it is not.  If they want to use a few sentences from an author who simply said it best than you MUST PUT THE NAME OF THE AUTHOR AND THE PAGE NUMBER the information was on IN QUOTATIONS as follows.

EXAMPLE:  “Jesse James was the leader of the James-Younger gang (Robinson, pg. 57).”

Websites are done a bit differently.  Instead of putting a page number, simply writing the author’s name in parentheses is okay.  There is also another way to do this but right now we will keep it simple.

EXAMPLE. – Bank robbers didn’t just steal from banks, they also robbed trains as well since they did not want these companies taking their land away just so a railroad could run through their land and grazing fields (Samson).



IF YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR PAPER TO THE NEXT LEVEL (this will be taught before we begin our essay about Ancient Egypt)

IF YOUR CHILD KNOWS THE WEBSITE(S) AND BOOK(S) THEY USED FOR THEIR RESEARCH than you can do the following below.  If you don’t have the information mentioned above available than simply giving me the website and author of the book that you used will be accepted this time.

Lastly, this website…   http://www.citationmachine.net/mla/cite-a-book  should be bookmarked at home as it allows students to create their BIBLIOGRAPHIES step by step so as to avoid any confusion.  It covers a variety of things including books and websites so there shouldn’t be any issues

The rest of this week will be writing, writing, writing.  Research should be close to completion if not already done.  While the kids have time in class there are still 6 or 7 students that have less than a paragraph and done basically no research.  Please stay on top of your child’s work each and every evening so we can ensure they are putting in the time and effort at home.

I will add more to this post after school tomorrow….some more information and a couple of handouts related to the information above, maybe one or two graphic organizers/notes along with samples of what other students have done in other schools and classes across the country.


Social Studies-

5S- vocabulary Quiz for Chapter 2, Lessons 1-3, on Thursday

5L- vocabulary Quiz for Chapter 2, Lessons 1-3, on Friday

Both Classes- workbook pages 20-21

Map Project for 5L due on Friday, 5S is still to be determined (either next Friday or the following Monday).


Deborah- International

Peter- Sports

Jazmine- Business/Entertainment

Carl- Local

Keysean- United States


Samara- International

Jaylen- Sports

Isaiah- Business/Entertainment

Jelani- Local

Erica- United States

Writing– continue with rough drafts, keep researching, including geography, and using the 5W’s to help you elaborate on your writing (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How)

Tonight, please go back in your drafts and, using the information you learned in our discussions over the past few days, revise your writing.  If our discussion today didn’t help you think more about a topic, have a discussion tonight with someone that will fuel revisions.

Reading-  35 minutes, apply predictions to your reading tonight

Predictions worksheet, if the reading is too difficult just do one side

Math- none, beginning Chapter 4 Tomorrow

Homework 10/26

Math- PEMDAS double-sided worksheet, DON’T DO ALL THE PROBLEMS, just do a combined total of 20 questions.  

Students had a lot of trouble on their PEMDAS Quiz that I returned today so hopefully going over these problems together tomorrow will help.

Chapter 4, Lesson 1, Multiplying Fractions, begins tomorrow, Tuesday, Day 3.

Writing- Contractions worksheets (3 total)

Keep working on your rough drafts!! Apply what we have learned today and in the past week.  The rough drafts I saw/read today need a lot of love and care so continue shaping and organizing your facts and asking deeper questions.  Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?  Remember, do not just list facts, be sure to explain and elaborate on what you have been studying.

Reading- continue 35 minutes per night, fill out Reading Logs and book recommendations

Social Studies- Fact and Opinion Worksheet

Current Events for 5S on Thursday, Day 5

Current Events for 5L on Friday, Day 6

Chapter 2 Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday as well

Make Your Own Community Project will begin this week (5L will begin in class tomorrow and 5S on Thursday), assignment will be a take-home Test and consist of an art project w/ supporting questions.  Project will be due the first week of November.

FA Web Updated

Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that I added a bunch of new grades to the website.  There are a few more papers handed in on Friday that I will take care of on Monday, but for the most part everything is caught up.

I am working on the grades for the final narratives now.  I had to wait for assistance from my adviser as there is a specific way to grade these essays and I had not been taught how until this past Friday.  Sorry for the delay.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  If you have any questions on assignments or grades just let me know.  Remember, the Writing averages are still not calculating properly but every other subject should be okay.


10/23 Homework


HOMEWORK- Tonight, writers, I’d like you to continue working on your drafts.  You may find that you have more revision work to do, based on the Westward Expansion map you were given today (add locations, rivers, distances, & other geographical terms).  Please also remember the other lenses with which we can look at our writing to revise, looking for patterns and asking questions.

You may begin/continue writing your rough draft.  Focus on organization and keeping your facts/information in the proper place and in a coherent manner.

Reading- continue reading 35 minutes, fill out your reading log!!!  Students have been lax on this assignment lately so please check to see they are recording their reading over the weekend.  If you finish a book don’t forget to fill out a recommendation on a note card w/ a short review and score from 1-5 (5 being the best)

Math-  pgs. 158-159 in textbook, #s 5-23, Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 Test/Quiz will be on MONDAY (adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, turning fractions into decimals)

Social Studies- complete the vocabulary starting on pg. 66, Chapter 2, Lesson 3.  Workbook pages 17-19 (and 14-16 if you forget to get it done this past week)

Social Studies Chapter 2 Test will be early next week.  Students will likely have a vocabulary quiz followed by a more open-ended assignment/project that they will be allowed to take home.