Homework 10/2

Social Studies- study for Chapter 1 Test, Lessons 1-3, pgs. 1-37

Test will be on TUESDAY, Day 1

I will post a Review sheet on the website by tomorrow.  For those that don’t have access to the website I will hand out to everyone a hard-copy on Monday.  Unfortunately today’s Review did not go as well as it should have due to behavior and so I hope everyone does their part in studying over the weekend.

Please study all the vocabulary (along with everything else) as the Test will include matching, fill-ins, short answers, and a sheet on Latitude and Longitude.

Please keep an eye out for the Review sheet tomorrow.  I don’t have a specific time yet but if I can get a chance to put it up tonight I will.  Thanks!

Math- 5A workbook- pgs. 63-64

Common Core Math workbook- pgs. 20 and 22 (not 21)

Writing– complete the double-sided similes and metaphors worksheet

also, in class today we were working on coming up with 3 similes and metaphors that were supposed to be incorporated into a creative story.  Please finish that story for Homework, underline each of the similes and metaphors that you use in your story.  It doesn’t have to be long, maybe 3 paragraphs, but long enough that you can fit in the required figurative language.

Reading- continue 35 minutes per day, book recommendations if you complete your book, and on Monday we will continue our Read Aloud novel

Science- if you have any questions about Science homework, please visit Miss Lujan’s website at pacslujan.wordpress.com

If you have any Scholastic Order Forms please bring them in.  I will send out the two that I have this weekend.

Thanks as always and have a great weekend!


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