Homework 10/5 (had car trouble, sorry for late update)

Reading- usual 35 minutes, Logs, recommendations (if applicable)

Writing- brainstorm the one personal narrative you would like to write for the final draft that will be graded and presented to Miss Lujan’s class.  Think about the setup and how your going to include all of the concepts that we learned.

Math- 5A Workbook- pgs. 63-68

Common Core- pgs. 29-30

Social Studies- Answer the Questions on the Review Sheet…this will help you study (the questions in bold on the back and there I think are some on the front).  These questions may be on your Test in some form!

We will Review tomorrow and have the Test Wednesday, Day 2 (since the first Review went poorly)

5L will have the Test on Thursday, Day 3

CHECK YOUR CURRENT EVENT GROUPS (both classes go this week although 5S might be moved on Monday because of how the Days shake out…TBA tomorrow)


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