Homework 10/6

Social Studies– TEST TOMORROW, we reviewed briefly today and I literally read the Test to the class.  How much they wrote down is up to them.  There will be 15 vocabulary, 12 short answers (choose 10), 3 questions using the textbook, and a supplementary sheet on latitude and longitude which may be used for extra credit.

If you listened to Mr. S the past two days you should do very well.  Good luck!

Math- 5A Workbook pgs. 68-76, word problems, read them carefully and make sure to answer the question and label your answers!

Writing- continue adding suspense to the final rough draft of your personal narrative which will be completed by early next week.  USE YOUR CHECKLIST.  For tonight add suspense but also try incorporating every concept we learned thus far, dialogue, elaboration, story arc, character development, etc.  What is your message/purpose for writing this narrative?  How did the involved characters change over time?

Make sure to revise and check to see your character’s (main and supporting) have strong arcs and that they are in the story to serve a purpose.  If they are missing something, such as a moment of tension, add that in.  Once finished revise in other ways.  Step back and reread later with fresh eyes.

Reading- 35 minutes, logs will be checked tomorrow!


5S- Friday

Haleem (US News)

Skai (International News)

JaLon (Sports)

Nylah (Weather, Business, Science, Art, choose one)

Nia (local)

5L- Thursday

Madinah (US News)

Elani (International)

Mark (Sports)

Michelle (Weather, Business, Art, Science, choose one)

Justin (Local)


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