Homework 10/22

Writing- Continue research, note-taking, and idea-making at home.

Writer’s, tomorrow when you come into school, I’m going to ask you to be ready to show off a few new pages in your notebook, where again you have developed some notes that show a combination of research that leads you to record information, plus reflections on that information.  I’ll especially want to see that you have done some of the things you learned to do today by studying each other’s work.  Rainbow, star, or make fireworks beside sections of your notes that are your pride and joy.

Try turning your notes into sentences.  When doing this you may think of other questions to ask about your topic, questions that lead to deeper understanding. (see Gold Rush example below)

DON’T JUST LIST FACTS, you have to explain the importance of what you are writing.  Just like w/ narratives, you have to MAKE MEANING for the reader.  If you just say that the “Gold Rush was about collecting gold,” that means nothing.  Why not go further and explain why people started traveling to California and Alaska/Canada, WHO MADE THE DISCOVERY?  The Gold Rush was over in a couple years, how come?  Who are the 49ers and how did they get their nickname?  Was the gold used for anything in particular?  Did average people ever strike it rich (of course!)?  How were their lives changed (for better or worse)?

If you have time, work on several subtopics because time for research and note-taking in the days ahead will be short.


  • Read a section of text, pause to think about what is important and then write your notes
  • Consider the main ideas and supporting details as you read. A structure like boxes and bullets can help you to organize your notes.
  • Instead of copying from the text, try to put the information in your own words.
  • Keep track of your source so you can return later to confirm or get more information.

Lastly, use your informational writing checklist (from your writing folder) so that you know exactly what you need to include and work on further in the days ahead.

Math- adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers worksheet, double-sided

Try 5A workbook pages 117-120.  If you have trouble than don’t worry about it, I just want you to look at the word problems and see exactly where you need help.

Reading- pgs. 70-78 in English Common Core workbook, the story about Tenochitlan.  This is a good story to read so that you have a better understanding of how your research paper should be organized and sound.  Think about how the author expands beyond just listing facts.  The more good examples of informational writing that you read, the better the odds that your own essay will have everything that we are looking for.

Social Studies-                       CURRENT EVENTS

Yasmeena (business)

Yuuki (sports)

Justin (entertainment)

Haleem (Science)


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