10/23 Homework


HOMEWORK- Tonight, writers, I’d like you to continue working on your drafts.  You may find that you have more revision work to do, based on the Westward Expansion map you were given today (add locations, rivers, distances, & other geographical terms).  Please also remember the other lenses with which we can look at our writing to revise, looking for patterns and asking questions.

You may begin/continue writing your rough draft.  Focus on organization and keeping your facts/information in the proper place and in a coherent manner.

Reading- continue reading 35 minutes, fill out your reading log!!!  Students have been lax on this assignment lately so please check to see they are recording their reading over the weekend.  If you finish a book don’t forget to fill out a recommendation on a note card w/ a short review and score from 1-5 (5 being the best)

Math-  pgs. 158-159 in textbook, #s 5-23, Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 Test/Quiz will be on MONDAY (adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, turning fractions into decimals)

Social Studies- complete the vocabulary starting on pg. 66, Chapter 2, Lesson 3.  Workbook pages 17-19 (and 14-16 if you forget to get it done this past week)

Social Studies Chapter 2 Test will be early next week.  Students will likely have a vocabulary quiz followed by a more open-ended assignment/project that they will be allowed to take home.


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