Social Studies-

5S- vocabulary Quiz for Chapter 2, Lessons 1-3, on Thursday

5L- vocabulary Quiz for Chapter 2, Lessons 1-3, on Friday

Both Classes- workbook pages 20-21

Map Project for 5L due on Friday, 5S is still to be determined (either next Friday or the following Monday).


Deborah- International

Peter- Sports

Jazmine- Business/Entertainment

Carl- Local

Keysean- United States


Samara- International

Jaylen- Sports

Isaiah- Business/Entertainment

Jelani- Local

Erica- United States

Writing– continue with rough drafts, keep researching, including geography, and using the 5W’s to help you elaborate on your writing (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How)

Tonight, please go back in your drafts and, using the information you learned in our discussions over the past few days, revise your writing.  If our discussion today didn’t help you think more about a topic, have a discussion tonight with someone that will fuel revisions.

Reading-  35 minutes, apply predictions to your reading tonight

Predictions worksheet, if the reading is too difficult just do one side

Math- none, beginning Chapter 4 Tomorrow

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