Homework 11/10

Apologies about not having the Homework up yesterday.  I had aftercare and then basketball practice after that and it slipped my mind.

Also, for the Math, EVERY STUDENT RECEIVED NOTES for multiplying and dividing fractions so the material this evening should be a layup.  Today was the first day we did dividing fractions so it will be a concept we continue to explore further, however, if students are having trouble they should be looking at their notes for reference.

Attached below are the notes that I provided.

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Notes PRINT

Math- 5A workbook pgs. 149-152

Writing- finish the DBQ questions 4-6

Use a graphic organizer or another strategy to help you begin organizing your notes and your thoughts for the essay section that will complete tomorrow in class.  (I will check notes as a HW assignment).

The essay that we will be writing is on the last page of the packet.  Instructions are clearly written and broken down w/ all the information necessary to complete the task provided in questions 1-6.

Reading– Begininning paragraph correction 1 worksheet from yesterday will be collected tomorrow.

Read 35-40 minutes this evening, write a few sentences summarizing what you read as the Logs will be checked tomorrow

Social Studies (both classes)- pgs. 94-99, Chapter 3, Lesson 1

Vocabulary done in the notebook

2+ Notes per section (the material underneath the purple headings)


5S- Nia (United States

Haleem (International)

Skai (Sports)

JaLon (Weather/Business/Art/Science/Entertainment)

Nylah (Local)

5L has theirs on Thursday


2 thoughts on “Homework 11/10

    1. this is true! I forgot to put up yesterday’s homework because I was coaching basketball and today is an important day that I’ve been waiting for the past 6 years and so you would think I would be a bit more vigilant 🙂 I’ll fix it when I get home, thanks for the heads up!


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