Homework 11/13

First of all my heart goes out to all of France after these devastating and ongoing attacks against the innocent.  Hopefully the world will start working together and rallying around the fallen to ensure that this kind of violence does not persist and is eliminated from the Earth.  Thanks.

Math- 5A Workbook pgs. 153-158

Writing- work on the rough draft of your essay.  Remember, organize your thoughts, keep your focus SPECIFIC to your topic, and make sure that your subtopics are related to your main thesis statement.

We will read a few of these on Monday to ensure that everyone is on the right track.

Keep note of the no more than 2 websites and 2 books that you are using for your research.

Do not just list facts, EXPLAIN and add deeper meaning.  I will give you further notes to help you along the way on Monday.

Social Studies- none

Reading- 40 minutes, fill out logs, write a recommendation if your books are finished.


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