11/16 (also will be HW tomorrow)

Math- pgs. 163-165, #s 11-30

Reading- 40 minutes, fill out logs and short summaries

Social Studies- pgs. 132-139, vocabulary words, questions 1-5 and 7, and 3 notes per purple section (the main headings per section between pgs. 134-139), should be a total of 12 notes MINIMUM

Writing- continue w/ rough drafts, doing research and editing mistakes.  The biggest issue from today that I saw were rough drafts that lacked focus and organization, facts simply placed randomly without any meaning.  EACH PARAGRAPH SHOULD BE A MAIN IDEA.  If you do not have enough facts that you do not have a main idea so replace it with something else!  Their should be a flow from beginning to end, a format that makes sense in terms of the order that the information is placed.

Research, research, research!  Substituting your OWN facts is not proper when doing a research paper.  Do the work!

Also use the notes that I provided today to help you with the entire process including the bibliography.

Remember, try and keep it at 2 books and 2 websites ONLY!


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