11/18 Homework

Math- Common Core workbook, pgs. 142-143, #s 1-19

Reading- 40 minutes reading, log, and summaries 

Many kids have not been doing this of late and so please check to see that they are reading and keeping a record of the time.

We are doing other reading tonight so if there isn’t any time to get this done before bed than just let me know, thanks!

Writing- continue w/ figuring out the main idea of your paper.  Organize your thoughts so that you can have coherent subtopics that are written in a sensible order.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR MAIN IDEA AND THE SUBTOPICS YOU WOULD LIKE TO FURTHER RESEARCH FOR TOMORROW (at least 3-4 ideas related to the main idea, i.e. Pyramids, who built them and how?  Where did the materials come from?  Why were they built/the purpose they served?  How did Egyptian citizens feel about these grand monuments to the pharaohs?)

Ask yourself questions (the 5 W’s!!) that you would like to know the answers to.  You chose this topic, WHY?  What about it interests you?  As you research are you coming across details that you never heard before?  Explain, explain, explain, do not just list facts.  Use all the resources that are available to you, including our conversations in class and the various related resources that I have distributed.

Please only write the first two paragraphs tonight.  Do not hand me a full paper tomorrow that is typed as I will not allow you to get a computer to work on it further.  Do not go beyond the first two paragraphs because what happens is students simply copy and paste from the web or rush to get the work done regardless of how all over the place it may be.

Social Studies- Egyptian DBQ worksheet.  This assignment can be used to help you on your papers.







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