Homework 11/20

Reading– 40 minutes, logs, and summaries.  Fill out book recommendations for every novel you complete.

Writing– finish and type (if possible) your final Ancient Egyptian Research Paper which is due on TUESDAY, please include a 5 paragraph essay (minimum but no more than 7), title/cover page, table of contents, and bibliography.

Please reread these essays to ensure that they are not copied and/or they are well put together.

Math– 5A workbook pgs. 168-174, #s 43-60

Chapter 4 Test on MONDAY

History- for Monday please bring in your final death mask attached to the cartouche so we can put them on display

For Thanksgiving break- textbook pgs. 142-149, Chapter 4, Lesson 2, #s 1-6 on pg. 147 and the TWO “It’s Your Turn” questions on pg. 149

also complete workbook pgs. 35, and 38-39

vocabulary and 3 notes per purple section for Lesson 2



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