Hi, so I just spent the morning updating the grades for both classes.  What I’ve observed thus far is somewhat disturbing as I have many missed assignments already at the outset of the marking period.  Many of the missed assignments are Homework and thus they should be layups, so it is a bit discouraging to see some students fall behind this early on.

As was discussed during conferences, even though Homework represents about 15% of the grade, a handful of missed assignments and those given in w/ out a name and thus never credited, leaving these points on the board makes it easy to slip and snowball into an avalanche if things are not addressed early on.  I know we have wonderful support at home so if you are seeing that your child is having some trouble, please spend some time w/ them trying to figure out solutions for their lack of responsibility.

I still need to input one Math Quiz for Chapter 4 and the final grades for the Make Your Own Settlement Project.  I will have the Quizzes done later in the day and most of the Settlements scored as well.  There are a handful of projects  that I need to speak w/ students first on Sunday before I grade because not every project has a name attached to it.  If your child handed in the written task along w/ a picture or model than they off the top will receive between a 90-95 (100 w/ a model) depending on the quality of the writing.


This activity is given as a result of poor behavior.  I offer Presidents as a last chance before the loss of Fun Day.  For those students which No Fun Day is not a deterrent, they will also have to write lists of Presidents’ until their behavior improves.

DO NOT TYPE THE LIST OF NAMES as it completely defeats the purpose of the exercise.

If your child has a ZERO next to their name in the Presidents column, that means I never received anything from them despite giving  the entire week to get it done.  Those students will now have 3 SETS that I want to see by Tuesday.  If they continue to disrupt the class and not do the work assigned to them, each week the # of lists will DOUBLE (so 3 this week, 6 next if I don’t see anything Tuesday.  This is absolutely a serious punishment and not something to be taken lightly).  

If a child still refuses to do what is being asked of them, I will make things punitive which will heavily impact their grade.  It’s possible that I’d take the 100 points they’d earn for doing their work and spread that number as Extra Credit among all their classmates that have and are doing the right thing.  A ZERO on a Test or Quiz is certainly difficult to come back from so it is my hope that we never reach that point.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!


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