12/3 Class Trip to Princeton University

On December 3rd, Mr. Santeramo’s class will take a ride down to Princeton University in order to get a tour of the campus.  Having our students immerse themselves within a school that values honesty, a strong work ethic, and moral excellence I believe will serve to inspire our students to dream bigger than ever before about their own academic potential.

Princeton University is not an institution for everyone, but it certainly is a school with a long history of tradition and academic standing that was once home to a President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson.  Just because the ivy league is largely out of reach to most hard-working students across the nation and around the world, this does not mean that we cannot learn a few tips and strategies from our guides when we visit that we can implement/incorporate in our own lives and within the classroom.  We should truly respect and appreciate that our humble state of New Jersey is home to one of the most prolific and highly respected universities world-wide.

This first trip will primarily cover the day in the life of a traditional Princeton student among a variety of different activities including eating lunch w/ college kids in the dining hall.  I think this trip will be a great motivator for students that strive to push themselves towards academic excellence.


I believe next month we will visit Princeton once again but this time it will be to see their vast museum of antiquities.  More information regarding that second trip will follow.  Thaanks!




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