Homework 12/1

Writing– continue working on and try to complete your comic strips tonight

Students were to compose a comic strip of 8 slips from the first person perspective 

Students were also tasked w/ composing a comic strip of 8 slides from the third person perspective.

Students were given all of the notes and information regarding the differences between the two points of view and how to write their story and any dialogue they wish to include.  Remember, first person is from the character’s point of view whereas third person is generally from the narrator’s point of view.

Reading- continue reading your non-fiction book so that you are as prepared as possible for writing the upcoming third research paper

Common Core English Workbook pgs. 220-224, a short non-fiction story w/ a graphic organizer that highly resembles how students should organize their writing

Math- 5B Workbook pgs. 1-3, students received the Part B text and workbook today so hopefully there aren’t too many mix-ups as we move ahead.

LIST OF PRESIDENTS– many kids have still yet to do this work.  I would hate to see something so simple damage one’s grades all because of a stubbornness to improve on poor behavior.  I’ve been very lenient on this but at some point the kindness has to cease.

Students that owe include…

Jazmine – 2 sets

Carl- 2 sets

Everyone below this line owes me 1 set…
















4 thoughts on “Homework 12/1

  1. Chandra Cole

    What is this President’s Assignment? What is one set vs. two sets? What is the bad behavior which prompted this assignment to be given? If Carl is on his second set, why didn’t I know about the first?


    1. Hi, this might be a late response because I just figured out how to answer these messages. in regards to the sets of President’s and every single assignment for that matter, this would be Carl’s responsibility to tell you about his assignments. The student’s are absolutely 100% aware of every single assignment they have to complete, including tasks like the President’s that they must complete due to poor behavior and/or not following directions.

      What I’m finding unfortunately is that many students are simply flat out lying (I don’t like using the word but it’s unfortunately true) to their parent’s about having handed in work or just not telling their parents the truth because they “don’t want to get in trouble.” As a result, some of the kids omit writing what they perceive as negative things in their Homework pad because they don’t want to get in trouble and thus that’s when there is a communication breakdown. If you see on FA Web, for example, that Carl has a zero under the Presidents assignment, any questions should first go to him with me being the last resort if the truth still does not come out. I don’t want to write the names of each child that owes me work on the website because I don’t see any positives that can come out of that, I just did it that one time because it was a large number of students who had to make up that particular assignment. I’ve been very lenient at the start of this but right now I’m letting the class know that we are transitioning to a more serious President’s policy. If it’s late, for example, the amount of times they must be written doubles.

      Carl’s main problem is that he can’t stay in his seat and is always either walking around or turning around in his chair during lessons trying to talk to other students. He has some trouble keeping his hands to himself as well as I mentioned the other day w/ a small incident he had with Haleem. I’m going to move Carl to a seat directly in front of the SMART Board so hopefully that helps. He also is still displaying issues w/ his competitiveness which many student’s have complained to me about him constantly bragging or being aggressive, stuff like that. It’s not all Carl’s fault as they are wayyyyyy too sensitive and don’t have much experience w/ competitive sports in the first place. I spoke w/ said students about how they have to stop taking things so personal, but if you saw him play during Gym or Recess or any other time where the kids are active, his emotions are all over the place. They were playing kickball yesterday, for example, and he kicked the ball and was out and his response was to storm off the “field” crying because of that.

      I absolutely love Carl to death but he knows exactly when he is doing something wrong and how he can correct it, he just needs to act on it independently as I cannot watch him all day correcting his behavior. In conversation he tells me that he knows that he needs to improve his self-control, but he also knows when he’s not following school rules because he simply smiles at you which is the clearest indicator that he’s aware of what’s going on.

      Overall he’s been a solid student, his social skills are probably the biggest area of concern at the moment. I see this comment is from December 2nd and I started signing his Homework pad after that date so if he has anything like the President’s to complete I’ll make sure that he writes it down.

      Thanks for the message and as I’ve said many times before, your help and support at home is probably the biggest factor in him making the necessary changes so he can be successful next year and beyond.

      I’ve had this conversation with a few parents already about holding their child more accountable for their behavior and homework. You guys do a wonderful job with Carl at home making sure that his work is completed which I am very grateful for so thank you for that!


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