Comic Strip Activity

Hi, so I just wanted to update the class that I have not received all of the Egyptian Research Papers just yet even though the due date was about a week ago.  At this point, a starting grade of 100 before deductions just is not fair no responsible.

Next, the same is for the recent Comic Strip Activity.  I have literally four handed in and put on display.  Everyone seemed thrilled and excited to be doing something different and so it disappoints me that I have received approximately 20% of their work.  I know that the students have something to submit since they were all working in haste when it began as a class activity, so please, ask your child tonight about this assignment, where they stand in completing it, and if they can get it handed in in a reasonable time=frame so I can put them on display along w/ their mummy masks as a way to identify the material and the hard-work that they have been putting in during our time together.

Thanks as always for the support.


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