Homework 12/8

Writing– same thing as yesterday, bring your own notes and/or your book to class

***Summarize and write the main idea of what you read in your fiction/non-fiction book

ROUGH DRAFTS WILL BE WRITTEN IN CLASS, if I do not see a copy of this work I do not want you progressing to your final draft.  Mr. S will sign off on your progress before you continue ahead.

For tomorrow– please bring in your list of subtopics for the body of your paper.  Each paragraph should represent something new, OR each paragraph should be a small part of a larger main idea (think biographies).

If this is already done, you may work on your first 2 paragraphs


Reading- read 40 minutes, fill out your Reading Log


Math– 5B Workbook pages 4-8


Social Studies– pgs. 154, #s 1-6 (same as yesterday’s HW)

AND Workbook pg. 40

Current Events- 5S is due tomorrow, 5L is due on Thursday

5S- Carolina, Sabrina, Justin, Yuuki, Yasmeena, and Cedrick

5L- Maclenzie, Maya, Sebastian, Summer, Sierra, Marley


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