Homework 12/9

Writing- continue to bring in your own notes so we can work on the rough draft of your research paper in here

Print out your online notes and bring your book if possible (everyone should have a book)

For tomorrow, I would like to see the first 3 paragraphs completed (the first 2 should already be completed).  Once Mr. S checks the work he will initial your paper so you can proceed further in class and at home.  If you wrote beyond 3 paragraphs already (which should not have been the case! :-), please make sure that Mr. S sees your rough draft before you spend time writing/typing the final.


Reading- Common Core English workbook, pgs. 184-192, complete reading Part 2 and answer the questions


Social Studies- same as yesterday for  5S, make sure that pgs. 154, #s 1-6 are completed as well as workbook pg. 40


5L– read Chapter 4, Lesson 3, pgs. 150-154 and complete the vocabulary

Current Events for the students that were listed here yesterday (scroll down)

Social Studies Chapter 4 Test will be late next week if we can fit it in before the break.  Currently we are working on our sarcophagus projects so if we don’t have the time to do both, changes will be made.


Math- Common Core workbook, pgs. 42-47

Chapter 8 Quiz will be early next week


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