12/10 Homework

Hi, I wasn’t in school today due to car trouble so I’m not exactly sure just yet what Mr. Bradley was able to get done.  With that said, there should be no reason why tonight’s Homework cannot be completed.  any questions just let me know, thanks!


  1. Reading


Homework– Nefertari’s Tomb Read Works assignment.  If Mr. Bradley was not able to print this out for the kids to take home, the assignment is attached below.  Please read and complete the questions.

Also, as should have been the case all year, you can use your Reading Log to represent the amount of time it took for you to read the essay and fill out the questions.  40 minutes a day of Reading, for example, does not always have to mean a book, it can also mean z long article from class, for example.

DOWNLOAD:  Nefertari’s Tomb


2)  Writing- same as yesterday.  Please bring in your notes and/or book(s) so that you can continue working on your ROUGH DRAFT and bibliography.  Remember, Mr. Santeramo WILL HAVE TO SIGN OFF on your work before you are allowed to neatly write or type your final draft.

The HW from yesterday was to write the first 3 paragraphs of your report.  As I was not in school today, I expect at least that much written tomorrow when I go around quickly checking the Homework.  

Once that is completed I will continue reading and signing off on the 3 paragraph rough drafts so that students can continue working on their final few paragraphs with the proper guidance and support needed to motivate and inspire students to tap into and write their best work in their own words.

*****Remember, Mr. S has made it clear that notes and the hand-written rough draft will be attached to the final paper when it is handed in.  If you do not have this information available on the due date next week, you will absolutely lose points before I even begin reading your report.  

Lastly, tomorrow I will only be checking for the first 3 paragraphs, however, if you want to go ahead and write further body paragraphs and a closing, you may do that as well.  Keep in mind, though, that you should absolutely NOT work on your FINAL DRAFT until Mr. S reads your rough copy and signs off on it so you can proceed further.  Thanks!

****Please do not forget to keep track of any websites and books that you are using.  This information is absolutely necessary for you to write a proper bibliography using the templates that I gave you in class as well as posted online.  

Any questions just let me know, thanks!


3) Math- complete the attached worksheet below.  Again, if Mr. Bradley was not able to print out the assignment, a copy is posted below.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT PRINT THE LAST PAGE AS IT HAS THE ANSWERS.  Once the work is completed, though, you may use the answers to go over and explain any mistakes your child has made.  Thanks!

DOWNLOADComparing Decimals Worksheet 2    (if this was done in class)

****Also, as mentioned yesterday, we will have a Chapter 8 QUIZ early next week on Lessons 1-3.  Tomorrow we will begin to Review for that assessment.  


3) 5S Social Studies- please begin reading Chapter 4, Lesson 4, and complete the vocabulary w/ thorough definitions as many have skated by lately doing minimal work.  If the definitions are poorly written and you are unable to clearly use the word in a sentence, it becomes that much more difficult during that particular section of the upcoming Test next week.  

Also, we will spend much of the day tomorrow working on our Sarcophagus Project, an idea that I’m so proud to have come across because the student’s really seem to be having fun enjoying what they are doing by drawing upon their immense levels of creativity.  Things like this show our student’s tremendous potential that we are only just scratching the surface thus far.  By the end of the year, however, my goal is to develop independent and self-motivated thinkers that have an interest in learning about a variety of topics instead of the things they are familiar with.  That has always been my goal since the beginning of the year, to educate our young boys and girls on how how research and discover both sides to complex issues before they make decisions of their own regarding how they personally feel about a topic.  



3) 5L Social Studies- please make sure that Chapter 4, Lesson 3, vocabulary is completed

First, using pgs. 150- 154, complete questions #1-6 on pg. 154

Next, as we have done previously, please write 3 notes per section (should be a minimum of 9 notes but you absolutely can write more than that for yourself).  Writing numerous detailed notes is one of the best ways to learn the material as you are “learning by doing,” basically studying without even realizing it.  As you write your notes, make sure that the information is important and has meaning directly related to the things we have been learning about in class.                                                                                                                                                                                           Lastly, please complete Workbook pg. 40



Student’s all throughout the building will be taking part in a short dance celebrating the coding activities that will be done during the Week of Code.  Each class will submit their video to Miss Alonzo so she can create a “mash-up” of every single grade doing the dance well enough that the organizers of this program will use our strong effort and place it on their website in an effort to inspire schools across the country to step their game up and do the same.

Kids can wear creative/fun t-shirts OVER THEIR UNIFORM so they can remove it once the dance is over.  I also asked if the kids can wear fun hats and things of that nature during our dance to represent the 5th grade so if you want to bring something in such as that, you certainly can.


MULTI-CULTURAL Night:  I’m still in conversation with Estephania about this but I think by tomorrow I’ll have more news about whether or not we will be dressing up (she is asking her class what they would like to wear today).  Once I find out said information I will make it available online ASAP.  


Any other questions just let me know, thanks!


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