12/10 Plans

Hi, unfortunately I could not make it into school today as I had some pretty serious car trouble.  I should be back tomorrow but the focus of this post right now is related to the negative behavior by a large portion of class that was brought to my attention by our more recent “do it all guy” and overall wonderful teacher, Mr. Bradley.  Some of the things mentioned to me (including the apparent inability for students to advise him of the proper Social Studies section we were on) has sadly disappointed me to the point that tomorrow we revisit how one should set up their notebooks.

Taking advantage and for granted your substitute teachers, especially actual teachers like Mr. Bradley, is completely unacceptable and I do not condone this kind of behavior whatsoever.  When I return tomorrow I expect to hear the truth as to what happened as well as what certain students took it upon themselves to act out, ignore the idea of work, and/or distract the class from 8 AM all the way through to dismissal.    Everyone better be prepared to write a sincere apology letter to Mr. Bradley in class only as I will not accept something written from home.

Listed below were my plans for the day.  If I do not see all of this  of this work completed  tomorrow you will immediately receive 2 lists of presidents at minimum and likely much more than that if behavior and following directions continues to decline.              



  1. Reading- students were to read and complete the questions in their Common Core English workbook, pgs. 184-192, Part 2 of the story about Sir Gawain. If you need a copy of the book it is on the side near the entrance to the room, second shelf.  If there is time after completing this (or if you don’t get through it all), the students can read their independent books (non-fiction books preferably as they have a research paper to do, but if they don’t have that available they can read their fiction book instead


         Homework– Nefertari’s Tomb Read Works assignment (this needs                                     to be printed out)

DOWNLOAD: Nefertari’s Tomb


2)   5L Social Studies- Miss Lujan’s class will come over and my kids will go see her to practice their dance for Multicultural night.

5L should first start by doing their Current Events.  The students should know which 5 or 6 are up for that.  Please just write down which students were prepared for this and which were not. 

Next, the 5L Homework was to read the entire Chapter 4, Lesson 3 section and complete the vocabulary definitions.  Please check to see that everyone has their Vocabulary terms completed.

If they would also like to watch the Prince of Egypt for the rest of the time, that is okay as well, otherwise they can continue in their textbooks on pg. 154, completing questions 1-6, and writing 3 notes per main section of the lesson, the purple headings are the main ideas, the text underneath is the supporting details where the notes come from (they know what this means)

5L Homework– Complete the above assignment for Homework if not already done in class, also finish Workbook pgs. 40


3) Small Group- Begin watching the Prince of Egypt from Netflix until Recess/Lunch


4)   Lunch- no Stewardship today (phew!)


5)   Gym– Mr. Augello takes the kids up from lunch to the Gym so you might have some free time here


6)   Library-   students I assume will be working on their Hour of Code material.  


7)  Math– Students were to complete their Common Core workbook pages 42-47.  Go over the answers w/ them as we will have a Quiz early next week. 

Homework– attached worksheet to the email (do not give it to them in class as they will rush to try and finish it)…I sent this during the day

DOWNLOAD: Comparing Decimals Worksheet 2


8)   Social Studies 5S- please check to make sure their HW is completed, pgs. 154 #s 1-6

If some students did not finish the work, please have them do so in class. 

While they are working, the class can continue watching the Prince of Egypt.

Homework– read Chapter 4, Lesson 4, complete the vocabulary terms (put this on the board last as well because they will rush to finish in class)


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