Writing Midterm on Thursday

Hi, tonight I will be providing each student with a graphic organizer to help them prepare their ideas for our mid-term on Thursday.

Students will have 30-40 minutes to write an informational text that teaches the reader important and interesting information about Egypt.  You can write about anything Egypt-related so please choose an area that you know well!  If you want to find and use information from a book or another outside source, you may bring that with you on the day of the midterm.  Please keep in mind that you will only have one period so you’ll need to plan, draft, revise, and edit in one sitting.  Write in a way that shows all that you know about information writing.

In your writing, make sure you:

  • Write an introduction
  • Elaborate with a variety of information
  • Organize your writing
  • Use transition words
  • Write a conclusion

Students may only use their notes and/or graphic organizer to help them write.  Please do not show up with a pre-written essay as it cannot be used.  This assignment is given in the exact manner as our previous On Demand responses and so the kids are absolutely familiar with the process.

Any questions just let me know, thanks.


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