Happy Holidays to all and Merry Christmas!


Hi, I just wanted to once again express my love and appreciation to all the parents and students who went out of their way to provide me with some unbelievably thoughtful gifts today.  I honestly am not too much of an emotional person but I will admit that today I was trying very hard to hold back some tears.

I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable receiving gifts from from anyone as I’ve gotten older as I often feel undeserving of of any kind of recognition, love, and support for the profession that I chose.  I truly love going to work each and every day despite our struggles here and there because I have grown to love each and every student simply because we have all grown together  as members of our Room 212 family.  No longer are my kids just names on an attendance sheet, rather, they are my first real class in the kind of school that I myself grew up attending.  I wouldn’t trade any of my students for anything in the world and I feel further blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with such an eclectic mix of  high-energy young boys and  girls that display interest and a passion for incorporating new knowledge on a daily basis.

Lastly,  what we do in class would not be possible without the love and support from the parents at home.  Without your involvement, the learning process would cease at 3:30 and thus it is your persistence and oversight ensuring that all the Homework gets completed each evening that keeps the ship on course until each child reaches “port” during homeroom to deliver their assignments.

Again, thank you all so much for thinking of me during this holiday season as I was truly moved by your generosity and selflessness.  Furthermore, I hope each child enjoyed the small tokens of appreciation that I picked up for them as well.  Christmas has always been a time of sharing joy with others and so I can say without hesitation that my heart is now filled to the brim with generosity and compassion that has been reinforced by both my students and their families during this holiday season.  Thank you to all and have a wonderful holiday season!


Mark Santeramo


P.S.- don’t forget to work on and complete your Winter Homework Packet over the break!  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to all and Merry Christmas!

  1. Tricia Barkley

    Mr. S. we truly appreciate all that you are doing for our children!  We love your drive and insights that you give our boys and girls. I believe in you!  I believe that over time here st Philips you will become an amazing teacher. 

    Remember it’s those bumps that refines us! Keep the big picture in mind and enjoy this time of rest and relaxation with your friends and families.  You deserve it!

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out, you all have been so kind. I’m so proud to hear from parents how much their kids have been enjoying the class but also how much they appreciate the complex and in-depth discussions we have on issues that the average fifth grader wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to until later grades. I want my students to be well-rounded lifelong learners and so what it takes to achieve that is finding what motivates and triggers that light switch above the heads of each and every student. Room 212 by June will have grown so much in all the areas we cover from Math (stocks) to History (projects, current events, etc.), Reading/Writing (different activities and projects), and Science (via Homeroom videos and discussions). My promise and commitment to parents and students has not changed and so I know that the partnership we share in class will only grow stronger as the students understand that I have their best interests at heart.

      Thank you again for the kind words and for having cultivated a bight young man like Peter through your strong efforts and energy spent working w/ him at home!


  2. Tramayne Griffin

    Hi Mr. Santeramo, I am glad you like your gift. Sorry we couldn’t stick around to see you receive it. You deserve it. Nia has come to adore you and we appreciate all your hard work. She will be well prepared for 6th grade. Nia wants me to tell you ” thanks for being a great teacher”. She also wants me to tell you she won her 4th competition in a row today. 😃 Happy Holidays.

    Sent from my iPhone Tramayne



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