5th Grade Reading Levels

Hi, so this information was requested by a couple of parents and fortunately I was able to come across a copy of it at the right time.  My apologies as I know this document is being posted a bit late.

Attached below is a copy of the applicable side of the St. Philip’s Academy Quarterly Benchmark Independent Reading Levels.  I hope this information helps you and your family as it pertains to finding and selecting appropriate books within the range of your child’s reading level. Remember, the data that we assess in school is a guideline and not necessarily gospel and thus it may be helpful to also practice your own discretion so that your child is not reading books that are too simple but also one’s that challenge them but not to the point that they lose fluency and lack understanding.  Anyway, I hope this helps.


I wrote what each acronym means in pen above the 5th grade section.  Using this guide you can get a better idea of how students should be progressing not just in 5th grade but also our expectations for where they should be in 6th grade and beyond.

CS- consistently strong
PW-  progressing well
MMR- meets minimum requirement
NS- needs support


*****Attached is the St. Philip’s Academy Quarterly Benchmark Independent Reading Levels  handout

DOWNLOAD:  scan0003


We will continue having dedicated Grammar Lessons no less than 3 days per week, a practice that I began implementing around the beginning of December.  During our multi-grade cluster meetings we all have come to agree that our students have been struggling w/ grammar and thus that is why it is now a primary area of focus more-so than it had been previously.

I’ve shown my students numerous videos during homeroom as warm-ups for our reading/writing lessons and the authors all say the same things, that to become a better writer and compose creative stories of your own, you must read voraciously!  And if one dreams of becoming a better reader, you must work hard at developing your writing skills! Hopefully we can instill this line of thinking into the hearts and minds of every child as they recognize that both subjects are intimately intertwined as we go grow up and mature into lifelong learners.

Anyway, I hope this was the information that parents were looking for.  Thanks!


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