1/8/16 Homework

EVERYONE has ONE set of Presidents today – the behavior was great in the morning but after Lunch many students behavior dipped and most checked out during Math, talking and being rude while Mr. S was teaching and working with students seemingly one at a time.  What should be a simple concept (multiplying decimals), is unfortunately something we need to now spend yet another day on.  

PERMISSION SLIPS DUES NO LATER THAN THE 12th, PLEASE!   If your child lost their slip, just fill out and SIGN  a piece of paper w/ the trip information listed in yesterday’s blog post (Princeton Art Museum)


Math-double-sided worksheet on multiplying decimals

TEST early next week, adding/subtracting/multiplying decimals


Writing– using graphic organizer and notes, write a short mystery story

you MUST plan out FIRST (full credit only if you have thorough planning)

let last night’s stories serve as a guide and inspiration for your work, as a model that you can write a solid mystery story in little more than a page.

This link below is to an alternate organizer called the Mystery Cube.  Click the link and click the blocked labeled Mystery which will then guide you in creating a 3-D printout of your notes.



Social Studies– TEST REVIEW PACKET, pages 1-6 ONLY, we will go over this material further on Monday with a TEST likely on TUESDAY.  Nothing in this packet is new and thus it serves as a strong basis for Chapter 4 Study Guide.


Reading- the packet will serve as assigned Reading, further independent Reading will be up to each parent as I know this weekend there’s more work than students’ have had lately.





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