Homework 1/13

Tomorrow we will have a Social Studies Test on Egypt, Chapter 4, for both classes. The Test will consist of the information that is in the packet that has been provided to each student at the beginning of the week.  The packet will be collected before the Test begins.

On Friday we will be doing a short presentation on the topic of courage during Community Time. If you have any clothing or something that speaks to the idea of courage (superhero t-shirt, etc.) that you can bring in to class that would also be helpful. Right now it looks like we will be singing a song and doing a simple dance.  This will be further addressed tomorrow in class as we just received the email today unfortunately.

I’m stuck in some traffic at the moment but should be home in about 20 minutes and I will update the blog with yesterday’s homework that I will be collecting tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!



Math– think about which companies you would like to follow on the stock market, either the Dow Jones or the Nasdaq Exchanges.  Talk with family members or do some simple research on your own so you have an idea of what we will be discussing early next week.


History– think of which continent or country you want to draw a map of with your group of 3.

pg. 167, #s 1-7, 10-13 in the History Textbook (will be collected tomorrow)


Writing– think of your favorite detective or mystery story.  How do they go about cracking the case?  What methods do they use to catch a crook?  What do detectives in real life do in order to track a suspect in order to see if they really are the bad guy?  Use your Reading notes and/or think of our class discussions this past week plus to help you answer the question.  Also, think about the mystery show about Leonardo Da Vinci that we watched the other day…what were the 3 investigators doing?  How were they going about their business?

Reading– read for 50 minutes, fill out your log and short summary.  I will be checking your reading notebooks tomorrow (notebooks will be left in class so I can ensure students are doing the work).



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