Homework 1/15/16

Math– Dividing Fractions, Chapter 9-3, 5B Textbook, pgs. 58-59, #s 1-25

(the notes for the lesson start on pg. 51)

We discussed this concept briefly today at the end of class but I want to see if the kids can use the notes from the book to help them complete the questions.  When dividing decimals, bring the decimal point straight up, ignore the 0 (ex. 0.2) and divide by the first whole number the same way you would normally.  I know that you can do this if you give it a chance!  Either way, we will go over this material starting Monday and continuing throughout the week.


Reading- continue reading 50 minutes/day this weekend.  Complete a short (3-4 sentence) summary of the material you read for full credit.


Social Studies- none, we will start our Map Making Project on Monday

Social Studies Midterm (Friday, January 22nd)

Be sure to check the blog this weekend for the Study Guide


Writing– write a short 1 page review of the “Murder Mystery” activity that we did in class today.  What are some parts you liked?  Disliked?  What could your group have done better?  What are some things that you noticed when “interrogating” your classmates new identities that helped you to find the true suspect?  What did you learn about choosing the wrong person?  Write about things of this nature in order to better understand how mystery stories are constructed (characters, clues, alibis, red herrings, evidence, surveillance, forensics (analyzing the evidence at the crime scene).  The more you know and understand about the genre the greater the appreciation you will have for how difficult it is to make a mystery story work (read) well!


Check this space for further updates this weekend!  Thanks!


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