Homework 1/27

Math- 5B Textbook pages 83-84 (Chapter Review)

The Math Midterm grades will be shifted into a different category (specifically under Midterm).  The % weight of the exam is considerably lower than a Test, something around 10%, so a poor grade shouldn’t impact the overall score that much.

We will begin class fresh tomorrow with lessons in all of our core subjects.  We took the History Midterm today and so there wasn’t time today to get anything else done.

Hope everyone was safe this weekend and getting home.  Any questions just ask, thanks!


6 thoughts on “Homework 1/27

  1. kemba jemmotte


    Kaliah completed all her missing home work , however on the netclassroom we are still showing a few as missing

    can you please confirm you received it



    1. Hi…she is still missing some recent assignments, one of which was finishing the questions on the Egypt packet as well as completing the questions that I handed the kids as part of their social studies review for the midterm. there was also a primary documents worksheet that I never got back. Some of the earlier assignments from the marking period like questions for 3-1, 4-1, and 4-2 are too late to makeup at this point. Hope this helps.


  2. jahfyb

    Mr. Santeramo, How are you doing? Just wanted to advise you that Nylah will be in late tomorrow due to personal reasons. Maybe around 11:30 AM. Regards, Mr and Mrs. Bennett

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy® Note 4.


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