Homework 1/28/16

Marking Period 2 is over today!


Reading– read for 50 minutes, complete your Reading Log w/ summary for full credit

Complete the double-sided prefixes worksheet.

Students should now have a Reader’s Notebook with all the notes and information we cover in class in one spot.  This notebook will be checked and graded in terms of completion and organization (and potentially other areas)..


Writing– finish writing your mystery definitions in your Reader’s Notebook and then begin your 1-2 page mystery short story.  This should be a warm-up story using 5-6 terms from our new list that was provided and worked on in class (detective, evidence, alibi, red herring, clues, suspect, etc.)


Math– 5B Textbook pgs. 158-162, Chapter 12-1: Angles

If you don’t have a protractor, complete the rest of the problems (find a protractor over the weekend so we can begin w/ Chapter 12 at full speed on Monday of next week).

This section has notes that cover the information we will discuss further in the weeks ahead so don’t worry too much if you are having trouble, just use the notes as a guide.



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