Homework 2/3

Reading– 50 minutes, summary, have at least 5-10 complex words added to your reading notebook (we will define them in class tomorrow) as it will be checked soon.


Writing– (1 page)

“Is there something in life that happens that you do not understand?  That you can call a mystery?  (think about how ancients thought lightning, wind, and rain came from the gods, etc.)  Are there still mysteries today that we do not fully understand?  Name some examples and discuss briefly why humankind is drawn to the unknown.”


Math– double-sided worksheet

5B Workbook pgs. 109-110 and 112-113



$10 for the trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Miss Airall and Mrs. LaBerth Workshop starts for the girls TOMORROW

1 Set of Presidents due tomorrow, students already know their names (if they don’t submit the work tomorrow I will post the list.


Current Events due 2/5

Keysean- International

Deborah- US News

Peter- Business

Jazmine- Local

Carl- Sports

You need a short summary for full credit!


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