Weekend Work 2/12

Reading– 55 minutes, please fill out your reading log in the same place (your reader’s notebook) every single day.  Please do not use a random piece of paper each day as doing so will result in a loss of credit.  I need to see the progress that you are making and that is impossible if your work is unorganized (i.e. your not following these same instructions which have been in place for months).  

Please complete a short 2-3 sentence summary for each day that you read, February 12th through 16th.  If you do not have a summary you will only receive half credit (5/10).  

Writing– continue researching your essential questions by incorporating your subtopics into a rough draft.  Mr. S gave very clear instructions as to how you should proceed with your work so please do your best to follow the directions that were provided for you at the beginning of the week.  For those students who I (and Natalia) were able to work with today, follow through on our advice.  For those who we did not get a chance to see, I hope you have been listening and paying attention as to how you can set up an outline as well as read deeper into your main idea.  PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR INFORMATION, I need to see your own words.  Doing so will result in an immediate ZERO.  Also, be sure to keep track of your information using citations (notes on this concept were given out weeks ago and thus should be in your Writer’s notebooks).  I need to be able to follow-up on your writing just in case some information is unclear or suspect.  

DO NOT TYPE ANY OF YOUR FOCUS PROJECT JUST YET, EVERYTHING SHOULD BE HAND-WRITTEN.  Also, do not write a final draft or take hours to compose a perfect rough draft.  I would prefer to see idea after idea elaborated upon in your Writer’s notebooks rather than  one or two thoughts that barely even scratch the surface.



Math- continue with the worksheets below.  Use the notes on pg. 183 that should already be in your notebook.  Mr. S will also provide further notes in the links below.  

Textbook pgs. 192-194

WORKSHEETS : Some of these are problems and two are notes.  I am aware that some of the answers are shown on these worksheet.  PLEASE do not look at them until your done so you can check your work.  Cheating will not help you whatsoever so please be honest with yourselves.


Classify_Triangles_Worksheet SIDE 2

Classify_Quadrilaterals_Worksheet HOMEWORK PRINT

Missing Angles on Straight Line WorksheetGeometry Angles Sides Notes PRINT SIDE 2 NOTESMicrosoft Word - vertex-sides

Also, complete the following worksheets below for both Math and Reading.  Mr. S has provided information on a Black History Month activity as well; I will ask students to choose one or two of the topics from the timeline(s) and do a short 5 minute presentation via Power Point or Prezi (if you know how).  The other option will be the following…

Recreate the Harlem Renaissance in your classroom! The Harlem Renaissance (1917-1935) was a huge turning point in African American culture. There was an explosion of art, music and literature in this New York City neighborhood. Creative African Americans came from all over to participate in the environment of free expression and to assert their political views and exercise their civil rights. There are lots of fun ways to embrace the Harlem Renaissance in your classroom!

  • Teach your students about the famed Apollo Theater and invite them to perform! Create your own “Night at the Apollo.” The students can do excerpts from a play from the era, read aloud from a novel or book of poetry by a famed writer of the era, like Langston Hughes; or sing a jazzy tune a la Billie Holiday.




Underground Railroard 2 Worksheet PRINT

jazz-greats-thelonius-monk PRINT

Tuskeegee Airmen American Heroes Packet PRINT

MLK Junior Letter from Birmingham Jail PRINT

Slavery In the North Packet PRINT

Black History Month TImeline PRINT 2 SIDES

Alternate Timeline link : http://www.infoplease.com/spot/bhmtimeline.html




5 thoughts on “Weekend Work 2/12

  1. Mr S

    look at how short some of them are, plus you guys are off until Wednesday so I think you can handle it. If you have trouble or think it’s too much do what you can, but again, some of those links are just notes to help you with the math and Black History Month ideas


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