Grades being updated + new info

Currently underway…there are still some worksheets in the bin in class that I will get to this weekend.  Just an fyi, though, I just want to let everyone know that (as we all know) some teachers do things differently than others.  Some drop their kids off to whatever special they have and than spend their time in their rooms grading or whatever it may be.  For myself, I love and enjoy spending time with my class and so if I don’t have a meeting or some other obligation, I always stay with my kids because I know that it helps to build our relationship outside the classroom.  I love our class and each and every student no matter how challenging it may be at times, and I express that love by giving my support whenever possible.  When I see the kids during Gym, for example, and maybe sometimes we play a game and compete against each other, there’s nothing that can substitute the smile and elation I see on the faces of our kids every time they get me out in dodgeball 🙂  No amount of free time could ever get me to change this part of my philosophy and so I hope it helps explain why I don’t get the grading done daily (that and basketball).  Thanks!


From now I am ending all flexibility and patience when it comes to the checking of Homework.  Because it does not seem to matter how many times I state in class that you will only get full credit if you are prepared and your work is out and ready on your desk for    Mr. S or a student volunteer that comes around to check the Homework, rules must change.

From now on, if you do not have your assignments ready and out on your desk when Mr. S calls for it numerous times, you will no longer receive “sympathy” credit, you will get the 0 as earned for not following instructions and not being prepared for class even if the Homework is done.

I am also going to implement a countdown timer during the morning warm-up, transitions, and for getting your materials out and ready for class.  If students are not prepared within the fair amount of time provided to them, they will first get a ZERO for their work,  the second time they win a set of presidents, and if continues to be a pattern of behavior, a work session.  Until we have consistency we must try new things.  

Also, when assignments are handed in late or just simply collected in the typical fashion, I normally get the time to grade on the weekend, sometimes after work on Saturday but definitely by Sunday.  Once basketball season comes to a close, however, I’ll have more time to get these kinds of things done more efficiently, including calling home more often (just an FYI, I still have yet to receive a call during “office hours”).

If you see someone with a 3, 5, or 7 for a grade, that means that

3)  they either did the absolute bare minimum (name on the paper, maybe complete 1 problem)

5)  half complete

7) in between a full completion and halfway done.  Also, it could simply be that the overall quality of the work was weak (which happens quite a bit) and/or they left their name off the paper.  If a child leaves their name off the paper moving forward they will automatically receive a 3 regardless of completion.  Too many times I have graded work w/ no name on the assignment and no one to claim it.  Repeat offenders will not get the luxury of a 3 as they earned a 0.

As always, if you have any questions just let me know.  As previously mentioned, I am available evenings between 8-9 most nights; if you need to speak to me on the phone you can call at that time and/or just send me a text message to see if I am available to talk.

Thank you as always to the for the love, care, interest, and support from all of the parents at home…have a great night and a good morning! 🙂


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