Homework 2/19

MathTest on Monday, Chapters 12-13, Angles and Shapes

5B Workbook pgs. 132-135 (will need a ruler to complete)


Writing– 2 page reflection response to the Robert Kennedy video that is on the website.  What is he really saying?  How do you think his words impacted the people in the crowd?  Think about the timing, he is literally informing these people for the first time about MLKs assassination.  Why does he make the comparisons with the death of his brother?  Think about his words and reflect as to why this is such an historic (and unplanned, unwritten) speech.

Worksheet– Possessive Nouns (double-sided)



Reading– 55 minutes, log, and summary.  If the log is not in the same spot daily you will not receive full credit.

SPELLING QUIZ ON MONDAY, see the words below.

Current Events for Monday, 2/22

Carolina, Sabrina, Justin, Yuuki, Yasmeena, and Cedrick (see specific jobs in previous post)


Social Studies– Black History Month Activity

Please decide for Monday what you would like to do from all of the options discussed today.  If you already have a plan, you may begin this weekend.  Any questions will be answered on Monday.


Thanks and have a great weekend!


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