Homework 2/26

PRESIDENTS– students that did not hand in the sets that they earned this week now have double.  Refusal to hand in becomes a zero test grade and a free 100 for everyone else.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH ACTIVITIES– keep working on them over the weekend!  Remember, this is a project that you will do mostly at home.  Any questions just look at the instructions again or send me an email.  The expected due date for this assignment is MARCH 4th.  Thanks!


Reading– Spelling Quiz 3 on Monday

Read for 55 minutes, complete your summaries, fill out your log, and write down any complex or confusing words that you encounter


Math– worksheet, double-sided, pgs. 99-103 (I believe it’s Chapter 13.5)

Next week we will pick up with shapes again.


Writing– brainstorm ideas for the problem/main plot in your mystery story by learning about the different types of common problems featured in most mystery stories.

  • a secret
  • something is lost or missing
  • a crime/prank has been committed

For Homework, free-write at least THREE (3) different plots or problems, no more than 2-4 paragraphs per plot.  Imagine how different your plot would be if it took place in a different setting?  (Consider this like 3 different story-starters…we don’t want you to write a whole story let alone three, think of this more like a movie trailer)


Social Studies– Aerial Photographs Worksheet, download below

DOWNLOAD: Aerial Photograph Geography PRINT PRINT


Nia- International

Haleem- Sports

Skai- Business

JaLon- Local

Nylah- US News

Science- see Miss Lujan’s website (I took a picture of my board but I can only see the part that says Chapter 8 Review pgs. 407-410 and there’s a bit more out of frame).  pacslujan.wordpress.com


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