Homework 3/31

Math- Chapter 5, Algebra, Recall Prior Knowledge, complete 5A Textbook pgs. 205-207, #s 1-18


Writing– continuation from class below…

List of Superheroes and Villains – http://www.superherodb.com/characters.php

This is the link to the complete lesson plan. – http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/fantastic-characters-analyzing-creating-30637.html?tab=4#session1

  1. Hand out the Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer printout.  Along with the students, fill in the name of the superhero on the line for Item #1 and the name of the super-villain on the line for Item #2.   THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED

DOWNLOAD COMPARE AND CONTRAST CHART: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson275/compcon_chart.pdf

  1. Go down the lists on the board of the super-characters’ qualities and ask students discuss the similarities and differences between the two.  Fill in the worksheet with the class accordingly.  You may find that you run out of room rather quickly in the “How are they alike?” category.  This should help illustrate for students that the distinction between “good” and “evil” is not always clear, and that, surprisingly, heroes and villains are often as much or more alike than they are different.  (In fact, generally what distinguishes them involves an irreversible choice at a crucial turning point in their history, rather than something inherent: a significant moment arrives wherein they are forced to make a decision to help, harm, or neglect, and they are forever changed by their actions.)   THIS HAS BEEN DISCUSSED IN CLASS
  1. FOR HOMEWORK- write a 1-2 page essay answering the following questions below using our discussions in class and your character chart as support.

Ask students what they think about heroes having so much in common with villains. What does this mean or suggest?  Discuss choices the characters have made to show themselves to be “good” or “evil,” and whether or not such choices are straightforward or involve extraordinary circumstances.  Do the characters appear to understand that their actions have consequences, and if so, how do they deal with this “enlightenment”?  (Again, the purpose here is to get students thinking about characters from varying points of view, as well as the complexities of human behavior and actions, and to investigate beyond direct impressions.)


  1. FOR NEXT CLASS SESSION, FRIDAY: Explain that in the next session, students will create their own super-characters and choose a problem in society for their characters to tackle, the ways superheroes and super-villains in comic books and movies usually take on large-scale issues. Encourage students to start thinking about issues in society or in their own lives that they think a super-character should be concerned with.


Reading– http://www.yesterdaysclassics.com/previews/hyde_greek_preview.pdf

Read ‘The Great Deluge,’ myth, starts on pgs. 9-12

Summarize and try and figure out what the moral of the story is.




Just to clarify once again for all : in the video starting at 2:40, it clearly states that you follow PEMDAS up until you reach Multiplication and Division and Addition and Subtraction, operations that you solve left to right in order of appearance.  Continue watching the video below for more examples to prepare you for these kinds of questions on the PARCC!


Homework 3/30

Reading– instead of reading for 55 minutes, read the two myths below

DOWNLOAD: Zeus and His Mighty Company Short Story Read PRINT PRINT

DOWNLOAD: How Zeus Defeated the Titans Short Story PRINT PRINT

Answer the 3 questions below…

  1. Summarize the myth in complete sentences, at least 1 paragraph per story
  2. What is the moral/message that we are meant to learn from reading this text?
  3. Describe the Greeks relationship between God and man?


Writing– use your hero myth that you started in class today to help you complete a full 5 paragraph story complete with a moral or message for the reader to learn.

You may use either of the two websites below, two different style graphic organizers, to complete your assignment.  LINK 2 is the resource that we used in class today.  Students saved their entries to their Google Docs account so please check their first if you prefer to continue your story rather than start a new one.

LINK 1: http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/mff/mythmachine.htm

LINK 2: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/hero-journey-30069.html   (click the get started button)


Math– complete the Chapter 14, Lesson 2 worksheets from yesterday’s packet (pgs. 107-112)

If the packet is already completed, study for tomorrow’s Quiz using your notes and resources from class.

  • Chapter 14 Math Quiz Tomorrow, Lessons 1-2


Social Studies- Chapter 8, Lesson 1 questions 1-7 will be collected tomorrow



Homework 3/29

Writing– See attached file for your topic choices.  Students are to compose a final mystery essay using all of skills and strategies learned in class as support.  Students are to choose one of the ‘real-life’ mysteries from the list below and either try to solve the mystery or compose a story that adds even more layers of doubt to the truth.  For example, maybe the Bermuda Triangle is related to the Earth’s magnetic fields…or maybe it’s aliens?!?  So long as your story stays within the expectations outlined by the Mystery Writing Rubric you are okay…so have fun!

DOWNLOADReal Life Mystery Topics

DOWNLOADGr 5 Fiction Mystery Writing Rubric


Math– Chapter 14 packet, pages 107-110 only.  We will continue with Chapter 14, Lesson 2, in class tomorrow.

DOWNLOADChapter 14 Extra Practice Worksheets USE IN CLASS


Reading– Adjectives Worksheet (extra copies will be in class tomorrow)

Try for 30+ minutes reading, complete your logs and short 1-2 sentence summaries for full credit.


Social Studies- 5S- make sure that the Homework over the weekend is completed.

Current Events

**Still waiting on Justin, Cedrick, and Carolina to present.

5L Homework- workbook pgs. 75-78

So today I offered the opportunity for a pizza party if the class was able to treat each other properly and behave throughout the day.  Unfortunately we couldn’t make it out of 2nd period, however, I will be offering certain students who did their part rewards starting next week.  In terms of the offer to the whole class for the pizza party, we will try this again on Tuesday.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to try something else.  Thanks!


Math- complete the three worksheets below (if you have a third worksheet that is different than the ones below, that’s fine, just make sure that you have 3 worksheets completed since the printer didn’t do things double-sided).

3D Shapes Properties Worksheet PRINT USE3D Shape Properties Worksheet 7 PRINTGeometry Find the Net Worksheet 2 PRINT


Reading- 55 minutes per day, logs and summaries.  I will be checking reading logs for Wednesday through Monday when we return to school on Tuesday.  If you want full credit (6 days, 6 assignments), be sure to have everything completed.

Ancient Greece reading assignment, download below.

DOWNLOAD: The Parthenon Reading Assignment Ancient Greece


Social Studies- read Ancient Greece, Chapter 8, Lesson 1, pgs. 270-275, complete #s 1-7 on pg. 275

  • write the definitions for the vocabulary terms
  • write 3+ notes per section (each main heading that is written in purple as we’ve done in the past)


  • Also read and complete questions #1-5 on pgs. 276-277

Please make sure that your paper is properly labeled with the information above at minimum.


Homework 3/22

Math– Profit/Loss worksheet

DOWNLOAD: Profit Loss Worksheets

5B Textbook pgs. 242-243


Social Studies– read pgs. 266-269 in the textbook, Tales from the Odyssey, complete questions #1-2


Reading– share with the class (approximately 2 minutes) something you are reading currently and would recommend to others (think ofof  this like a show and tell for books)

  • logs will be checked tomorrow


Writing– begin by brainstorming and/or outlining ideas for a multiple-chapter mystery story (our final one).  Bring in at least 1 full page of a plot outline or idea (or as many ideas as you would like to practice or play around with).  The goal is to try writing in a different style than how you do normally, to challenge yourself to compose a story that reads differently than your typical drafts.


Current Events (still need to finish)





Scholastic Story Starters

Just an update…I’m missing about 3/4 of the Scholastic story starters from over the weekend and I’m also missing the Read and Discover Grammar Packets, pgs. 9-16

  • Simple Subjects and Predicates, Lesson 2
  • Compound Subjects and Compound Predicates, Lesson 3
  • Direct Objects, Lesson 4
  • Indirect Objects, Lesson 5

****These are four separate Homework assignments which means you miss four and your grade will severely suffer.****

There were the two most glaring assignments that I noticed this evening.  I’m also going to need to see the Social Studies workbook pgs. 59-60, pgs. 64-65 and 68-69 tomorrow during class before we go over the take home Quiz pgs. 228-229.

Homework 3/21

Reading– take home Spelling Quiz 5 will be to finish the crossword puzzle

  • use all 15 spelling words correctly in your crossword in order to receive full credit
  • make sure to add the definitions along the bottom
  • words should be in an across/down format


Math– look up your stock prices for the businesses you chose to bring in tomorrow to share with the class

you should Google today’s (Monday’s) stock prices.  The stock market closes at 4 so any time after that is okay.

Simply Google, for example, “Amazon stock price” and click enter – your price should appear right at the top.  Some prices require a bit more work so just keep that in mind.  Attached below is the final stock list that I have been using in class- if it needs to be updated, please let me know asap.  The people that don’t have the number of share prices next to their names will lose credit (so long as that work isn’t already in the Homework bin).


DOWNLOAD: Geometrically Speaking Worksheet

  • ‘business name here’ stock price


  • About half the class has still not submitted the number of shares they wish to purchase for each of the companies that they have chosen. If this is not done by the end of the week, this will greatly severely damage your gradeIt Is absolutely inexcusable that something so simple as multiplying two numbers together is still not done after two weeks.
  • Students are expected to simply look up and record the stock prices for their chosen companies every Monday evening starting March 21st, and then write these prices in their Math Notebooks under the specific Stock Market section that they were instructed to have created for themselves on the first day we began this activity. Students should have a chart that looks like the following…
Date Company Price +/-   Plus/Minus (optional)
March 21 Pfizer 30.21
March 21 Nike 74.95
March 21 Boeing 128.12
March 25 Pfizer 31.05 + .84
March 25 Nike 71.86 – 3.09
March 25 Boeing 134.17 + 6.05


The chart above is one example of how students should be keeping track of their data.  You can also have the dates across the top and businesses along the side. Regardless of the chart that you choose, Mr. Santeramo will periodically check and give an assignment grade to students to ensure that the class is doing their job and pulling their own weight.

  • Students are expected to look up each week the prices of their stocks every Monday all the way through June.


Writing– Scholastic Story Starter website

hand-write and bring in another short story using the generator tool



Science– finish worksheet for Homework


Current Events tomorrow







Injury Update

Hi… so I had a small incident yesterday in which I fell down some stairs and landed on my head and right shoulder extremely hard. I haven’t seen the doctor yet but I might either Sunday or Monday if it gets progressively worse.

I just wanted to let you know that I am unable to grade the papers that I was looking forward to getting done this weekend. I appreciate your patience specifically  in regards to some of the writing work which is mostly what I have left to grade. As soon as I’m able to hold a pen or pencil with some firmness, I will get started immediately at finishing the grading I originally set out to do.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope to be back 100% ready to go as soon as possible.  If there’s a specific assignment that you are really waiting on the grade for, let me know and I’ll try to get a family member to help me out.  

Thanks as always for your help and support!