Gradebook Update (post speaking w/ the class)

I was able to update the gradebook for the second time in as many days.  I spent a fair amount of time talking to the kids about their missed work because right now it’s excessive across the board and some students are failing already simply because they have trouble submitting the work.

The BIGGEST problem right now is that I have a ridiculous stack of about 70 + worksheets that DO NOT HAVE A NAME.  I laid out all of the worksheets that the majority of kids did not hand in for whatever reason, about 10 different assignments across all subjects.  Some kids went to their lockers or bags and handed the work in while others simply ignored instruction and proceeded w/ whatever they were doing at the time.  The worst part of all is that I say maybe 5 or so kids look in the pile of ‘no Names’ and that’s about it.  

The major focus, however, is on the fact that this class has been extremely irresponsible when it comes to submitting their homework.  The Net Classroom is a tool for both parents and students so they can keep track of assignments that they may have missed if they were absent, for example, a scenario that has been well established  in that it is the student’s responsibility to ask Mr. S about what they missed (often times I respond by putting the Homework on the blog so students can download).

Please check Net Classroom and then ask your child why they are missing so much work or just a few assignments.  Everything in the descriptions should be more than enough to identify each worksheet or book assignment if the student(s) followed our policy of labeling their work at the top of their paper before starting.  If you have any questions after looking at Net Classroom, please just let me know via email or a quick phone call.  Remember, my office hours are between 8-9 and thus far no one has called…

Aside from that, you can also give a note to your child to give to me and I will look up their work when I’m free during the day.  

Back to the 70+ assignments without names.  This absurd amount of missed work has accumulated in less than 3 weeks which makes things even more precarious for some students.  It is unacceptable and will not continue as you literally have to go out of your way to fail for the semester since if you hand in all your work, you should easily fall into the B range.  For Homework, if you leave your name off your paper you will immediately get a 5 out of 10 even if you finished the activity and got every question right.  

As we all know, Mr. S is extremely flexible with the submission of assignments, however, if this continues I’m going to be forced to take more and more points off and/or simply give zeroes to the students that are having trouble getting out of their own way.  This is a serious problem and it is largely up to the students to take ownership of their own education.  Instead of pointing fingers at other people, please self-reflect as to how you got into this situation in the first place.

Lastly, I will give to the end of the week for students to submit any missed assignments that they may have tucked away or hidden somewhere. Starting March 4th, I will no no longer accept any assignments pre-February 29th.


I hope that this post gives you an accurate sense of the problem it that many students have put themselves in but can easily dig out of.  Please take some time this week to speak to your child as to why they consistently complete the work at home (sometimes w/ mom or dad) but it instantly becomes lost as soon as they get dropped off for school. 

In the end, this is a serious problem that will only cure itself if their is a partnership between Mr. S, my students, and the parents at home, many of which already work w/ their children every night , a blessing that I hope the kids understand if not now, hopefully in the future as they mature.

70+ assignments have no Names on them.  Also, please help out if you can by checking Net Classroom and then asking your child if they can go look in their rooms and their backpacks/folders to see if it’s tucked away somewhere.  Please try your best, first, before contacting Mr. S if you need copies of certain assignments.

If you have any questions about this post, please just let me know.  Thanks as always for your care and support from home!

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