Homework 3/1


C.H- owes me 4 sets, this will double at the end of the week yet again

J.R.- owes me 4 sets, ”                                           ”

C.C.- owes me 2 sets

D.A.- owes me 4 sets


BLACK HISTORY MONTH PROJECTS, due THIS FRIDAY!!  Make sure you read the directions so you can get full credit!


Writing- students will get closer to planning their first graded mystery story by brainstorming suspects (secondary characters) that match certain mystery problems.  Revisit the problems that were brainstormed over the weekend and think about the types of characters that could have something to do with that problem.

  • Students create charts and/or revise and write new story blurbs for different potential mystery plots and suspects; aim for 1-2 pages of writing per day. (if students are stuck, show them the summaries from IMDB.com or descriptions of characters in movie scripts)
  • Students will create a suspect chart with extremely detailed and thorough descriptions of their characters, their appearance, thought processes, personal history that has shaped them into the being they are today, etc.  Students will then incorporate these characters with a purpose (not randomly) into their first graded mystery story.
  • 5 Minute Quick Edit focus: Spelling – find words that you suspect and spelled incorrectly and either give it another try or look up the words and correct them. 
  • In class tomorrow we will begin working on our final drafts by first filling out a graphic organizer that will be approved by Mr Santeramo first before you can continue.


Reading– 55 minutes, reading log and summaries, 5 complex words

double-sided worksheet on Homophones and the other is on Past and Present Tense


Math– work on your Education Galaxy exercises, Mr. S will check your progress daily and throughout the week



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