Hi…tomorrow evening I’ll have the grade book updated once again. Aside from the 60+ worksheets that have gone unclaimed without names on them, I can already tell that I’ll be missing work from a large number of students once again.

On Friday, please take a look at Net classroom and if you see any zeros or missing work, please ask your child first as to why certain things were not submitted. If you have any questions beyond that either have the student reach out to me or you can email me at the usual address.

The objective is to have each child take ownership of their own education and thus they should be the ones tracking their grades on the website under the supervision of a parent, of course

At some point I am also considering not posting the homework worksheets that I give out at the end of class because it is inexcusable for more than a few students almost daily to lose a paper within  5 minutes of receiving it.  I’ll likely continue to post assignments in the meantime, but if this continues, we might have to make some changes.

Anyway, I hope this helps! We have to stem the tide of students not submitting work asap and the best way to do that is to have a partnership y and support from home. To the many parents that are already greatly involved in the academic lives of their children, I appreciate it very much and I know your sons and/or daughters do as well!!


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